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The pop music scene has been a witness to the rise many a Christian soft rock band over the last decade. However one band that surely stands out from the crowd is Zoegirl. This is a Christian soft rock band with a difference simply on the account of musical depth and talent they posses. This band has been widely popular amongst teenagers and their shows are eagerly awaited by the large numbers of young dedicated fans. Parents too like to bring their children to the Zoegirl shows, for the understated good influence, the band tries to create thorough their music. In case you wish to check them out, be sure to book your tickets online in advance.

The band has a unique name with ZOE meaning "life," which mentions that ZOE and girl and attached together thereby giving out the message of three girls living their life for Jesus. Zoegirl burst onto the Christian soft rock scene with their widely successful debut album in 2000. This album had four different numbers each of which were top five radio hits and made them a household name. In early 2002, Zoegirl was recognized and awarded with a Dove Award in the category of top New Artist of the Year. The band since then has never looked back and they have released three more highly successful albums and even one extended play disk. The three talented members who make up the band are Chrissy Conway, the beautiful Alisa Girard and Kristin Swinford. Listening to them live is an enjoyable experience. When they start singing "I believe," we get attached to this beautiful pop song that talks about their lives before came to know the message of Christ. They also play up catchy tracks like "Anything is Possible" which pumps up the tempo with its melodic haunting stormy sound effects that intoxicate the audience and is characterized by a eccentric fast pace beat. One they start playing peppy numbers, they keep up that flow with the remarkable track "Suddenly" continuing the upbeat sugary pop while at the same time talking about how God is with all of us. The entire show is pleasant and very suitable for young audiences as well as very entertaining.
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If are looking forward to hearing some great music from ZOEgirl, be sure to catch them live. Their shows are a huge hit every time it is organized and this time also the expectations are running high. So make it a point to book your tickets before anyone has to show you the full house sign! In fact you can book your tickets from the comfort of your home right here, right now i.e. online booking.
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