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It would be nearly impossible to talk about Ziggy Marley without mentioning his father, Reggae legend Bob Marley. Bob Marley is the single most influential and famous artist that reggae has ever produced. So if there ever was someone destined for a career in music, it was Ziggy Marley. Ziggy was definitely exposed to music at an early age. Bob was well into his career when Ziggy was born under the name David Marley in Kingston, Jamaica on October 17th, 1968. As a child, he received guitar and drum lessons from his father. He would even sit in on Bob Marley and the Wailers' recording sessions, an invaluable lesson in the industry. He even got to be a part of one of their songs with some of his brothers and sisters. The four Marley offspring got to record "Children Playing in the Streets" with their father in 1979. The children received the name The Melody Makers shortly after and continued to perform at family parties and events, and even at their own fathers funeral.
Ziggy and the group continued to pursue music, in their fathers honor, until they released a debut album in 1985 entitled "Play the Game Right". Ziggy struggled with his own identity as an artist, drawing countless comparisons to his legendary father in the process. At the time of his album, some say it was very difficult to tell a difference in Ziggy's and his fathers' voice. It didn't help that he looked very similar either. Still living in his fathers shadow and trying to make his own name at the same time, Ziggy released "Hey World!" in 1986. The album steered away a bit from the typical reggae music that his family name had been branded with. The album was a bit more pop this time around, and Ziggy was criticized highly for it.
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A changed needed to be made only Ziggy and the band was not sure what it was going to be. They decided to change labels, jumping to Virgin and released "Conscious Party" in 1988. The decision seemed to pay off. The album was a smash and saw the single "Tomorrow People" climb into the top 40 on the pop charts. The album won a Grammy later that year. With confidence behind them, Ziggy and the Melody Makers released their follow up album in 1989 with "One Bright Day". This album enjoyed even more success than the last, and made it to the top twenty. It also won a Grammy.
Ziggy released to other albums in the early nineties under Virgin entitled "Jahmeyka" and "Joy and Blues". Neither did very well, which prompted Ziggy to jump labels again. This time he was signed to Elektra. He released an album called "Free Like We Want 2 Be" immediately under the new direction. However, it wasn't until their sophomore release, "Fallen is Babylon" in 1997 that the move paid off. The record snagged another Grammy award for Ziggy, which was his third.
Ziggy was now not only considered a musician, but a political voice as well, and was named a Goodwill Youth Ambassador for the United Nations. He also found time to start his own label, Ghetto Youth United, to showcase up and coming talent in the reggae music scene. Music has always been in the Marley family, and will always be part of Ziggy's life. The Melody Makers continue to make music in the true spirit of their gone but not forgotten father.
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