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Vocalist Eric Reeder, guitarist Roy Goudy, bassist Mic Cox, and drummer Jesse Smith started Zao. The group termed their music as ‘Christ centered hardcore' and wanted to reach out to people that they considered to have been pushed away from the organized church. The band's first two albums were replete with songs dealing in God and centered on the theme of the peace of God. However the band underwent a line up change within no time; Reeder quit the band and was replaced by Shawn Jonas and Mic Cox, who was replaced by Kevin Moran, followed this.

Following the 1997 Cornerstone Festival all of the band members except for drummer Jesse Smith quit the band. Smith single handedly recruited new members and solidified the lineup. New vocalist Daniel Weyandt gave the band's style a new direction.

Guitarists Russ Cogdell and Brett Detar joined in to record the album ‘Where Blood and Fire Bring Rest' and also for the subsequent promotional tour. Soon after recording a split EP, Detar quit the band and was replaced by Scott Mellinger. Where Blood and Fire Bring Rest saw the band's deviation from their original style, the album featured a more metalcore style. In 1998 the band came out with their album ‘Liberate Te Ex Inferis', which was followed by an eponymous album ‘Zao' in 2001. After the release of the 1991 ‘Liberate Te Ex Inferis' album the band under went a line up change. Horner and Cogdell quit the band and Weyandt, Mellinger, and Smith recorded the self-titled album. Due to the constant change in the line up, rumors about the band's break up did the rounds frequently. Initially the band stated that they would disband after their tour with the ‘Dillinger Escape Plan', which did not occur. In 2002 the band disbanded but for a brief period, they reunited for the two Cornerstone Festivals in Illinois and Florida in the summer of 2003. From then on the band continued to perform together. The band released several albums and toured extensively but at the same time underwent lineup changes too.

Selected Discography

• Author- 1994
• All Else Failed- 1995
• The Splinter Shards the Birth of Separation- 1997
• Where Blood and Fire Bring Rest- 1998
• Liberate Te Ex Inferis- 1999
• Parade of Chaos- 2002
• The Funeral of God- 2004
• The Fear Is What Keeps Us Here- 2006
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Apr 5 Thu 7:30 PM Zao The Crowbar
Tampa, FL
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Zao is a band from Greensburg, Pennsylvania that in spite of seeing frequent lineup changes is still popular. Initially the band started off as a Christian band but down the years it became a group of open-minded artists.

The band has nine full-length albums, three EPs, a two-disc DVD documentary and multiple concert tours to their credit.
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