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Z-Ro, born Joseph W. McVey in Houston, Texas on January 19, 1977, is a Southern rapper under the Rap-A-Lot Records label. Z-Ro tickets are exceedingly popular in the South. He has performed, recorded, and released under the radar since 1994. Respected by the New York Times and a big seller below the Mason-Dixon line, this rapper has survived the ups and downs of a music career with grave geographical limitations.

He began rapper in 1994, performing with several other local Houston rappers as part of the Screwed Up Click. He ventured out on his own in 1998, releasing his debut album, Look What You Did to Me. The album had a very limited release. Years later, his 14th solo album release Heroin has breached the Billboard 200.

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The album features Paul Wall, Chamillionaire, Lil Flip, Billy Cook, Chris Ward, Mya, and Mike D. The album is the first of many releases scheduled for 2010. He has four new mixtapes as well.

Z-Ro has also made a name for himself behind the glass, working the levels, like many of today's noted and up-and-coming rappers and hip hop artists. Z-Ro tickets will be on sale this year though in support for his new album.

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