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The duo went to the same high school ‘Oregon High School' and first performed together in 1994. A year later the duo started the band ‘One Lard Biskit Brass Band'. The band gigged around Oregon and finally released their debut album ‘Better Recognize' in 1997. A year later the band came out with the album ‘Word On The Street' but under the new moniker ‘Youngblood Brass Band'. In 2000 the band released the album ‘Unlearn' which featured artists like Talib Kweli, Mike Ladd, DJ Skooly and Ike Willis. Like its previous release, Unlearn too was released independently. The album created a strong buzz and it was well appreciated. The album drew the attention of many record companies and the band finally signed to Ozone Music NYC. The band came out with their major label debut ‘Center: Level: Roar' in 2003. The band was almost always on the road, they enthralled audiences in the US and Europe with their music. In 2005, the band came out with their first live album ‘Live. Places' on Layered Music record label. In 2006 the band released ‘Is That a Riot?' which is considered to be their most experimental album to date.

The Youngblood Brass Band's sound is the unique combination of traditional New Orleans brass band sound with influences from jazz music, extemporized music, a distinctly punk philosophy, and a strong hip hop element. The Youngblood band concentrates on taut group playing and pushing the restrictions of brass band music further than its conventional genre. This attitude permits the band, even when playing live to give firm, diverse backing for Skogen's rapping and McIntosh's virtousic sousaphone work. As the band's music did not fit into any genre, they coined the name ‘Riot Jazz'. The band members acknowledge that their school's arts-education program was instrumental in inspiring their love of music. Apart from clubs and larger venues, the band loves to play for schools. The band members co-founded the Layered Arts Collective, under which they present musical lectures; apart from performing they speak about the history of brass bands and hip-hop also.

The organization also offers free workshops for local Wisconsin youth and brings in popular national acts.


• Word on the Street- 1998
• Unlearn- 2000
• Center:Level:Roar- 2003
• Live. Places. - 2005
• Is That a Riot? - 2006
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A few Oregon high school students initiated the Young Blood Brass Band, the popular brass band from Oregon, Wisconsin. Initially, called the ‘One Lard Biskit', the brass band was formed by sousaphonist Nat McIntosh and snare drummer/lyricist D.H. Skogen.