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Yolanda Adams began her musical career as a gospel singer. She is another artist who has brought back the soul and depth in R&B music. Yolanda was not always a singer and artist, she was actually a school teacher in Houston. She even worked as a model for a while. Her mother was a student of music in college and this meant that Yolanda got to hear a lot of jazz and classical music as a child.

But Yolanda went a step further than her mother and became a full fledged artist. He released their debut album, "Sounds of Gospel" in 1988. The album was a more mainstream adaptation of gospel music. It was criticized and so was Yolanda, the Christian community criticized her for shifting to secular music and style. Nevertheless the album was a success and Yolanda was a star.
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She was nominated for a Grammy in 1996 for her album, "Yolanda: Live in Washington." She got a lot of praise despite the fact that she did not win. But she would have better luck next time. She was nominated for another album for her next album, "Songs from the Heart" in 1998. This time round she picked up the Grammy. She issued a Christmas album in 2000 and the album, "The Experience" followed in 2001. Catch this magnificent performer in a live performance. Get the tickets from your on-line ticket vendor now!!


Be Blessed - 2005
Victory - 2005
Someone Watching Over You - 2005
Day By Day - 2005
The Praise And Worship S... - 2003
The Experience - 2001
Believe - 2001
Christmas With Yolanda A... - 2000
Open My Heart/Have Yours... - 2000
Have Yourself A Merry Li... - 2000
Mountain High...Valley Low - 1999
Songs From The Heart - 1998
Live In Washington - 1996
More Than A Melody - 1995
Save The World - 1993
Sing Yolanda Adams - 1993
Through The Storm - 1991
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