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Wolf Eyes is one of the popular noise bands based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. The band started as a solo project of Nate Young who has been former member of Nautical Almanac. Later he involved Aaron Dilloway who joined in 1999 followed by John Olson in 2000. While working on this project, the band also relocated to New York City for a short time and at one point enlisted Andrew Wilkes-Krier which is known as Andrew W.K.. Wolf Eyes is famous and reported to have released more than 150 recordings in their relatively short lifespan. They have released these albums and recording on labels like Bulb Records, Troubleman Unlimited, Fusetron, and Sub Pop. These labels also include the recent ones like Olson's American Tapes label, Dilloway's Hanson Records and Mike Connelly's Gods of Tundra label as the most recent. Dilloway was replaced by Connelly while touring in early 2005 because of the Dilloway's departure for Nepal to make arrangements for his marriage. However, Dilloway still records with the original members.
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Wolf Eyes has released most of its recordings independently, following the DIY tradition of bands such as "Smegma". Their first prominent and well known release was "Dread" which was released on the American Tapes and Hanson Records labels but distributed through Bulb Records. Other leading recordings include the names of "Dead Hills" on Trouble man and "Burned Mind" on Sub Pop. Most Wolf Eyes recordings are released as either lathes, cassettes, or CD.

Though Wolf Eyes has toured extensively and still going on, its first two major tours were with Sonic Youth and Andrew W.K. Recently on Nov 5, while being interviewed telephonically by Catherine, John Olson says, "Well… we don't really like playing the big clubs at all… the Wolf boys probably bust one maybe once a year. In Michigan, we hate playing in town but our home boys and home ladies have houses and basements where we just set up shop there and have a gig… which rules ‘cause it's secret-society-style shit. So that's rad." he further adds " But in terms of growing up, it's just been great. Nate and this guy Tony, he started this band the Mini systems, which pretty much started the whole home-electronic thing way back. …It was a good environment for what was going on and it was just totally weird and it's still totally weird, so we're stoked." On asking about enjoying traveling he says, "Well, traveling rules, but, you know, you always got a piece of Michigan on your shoulder. So I was telling my boys in the car here, we're playing in a town where hopefully when people walk away, besides being deaf we hope all they'll think is "yeah, that's Michigan style""
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