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Weezer kicked off 2012 by celebrating the band's 20th anniversary with a cruise and is getting ready to end it with a tour taking its fans back to the 1990s. Weezer tickets are available now for 11 concert dates of the Blue Album and Pinkerton tour. Some of these performances will be associated with music festivals, with the Soundtown Music Festival in Somerset, Wisconsin kicking off the scheduled shows. Many are headlining gigs, with the first such show the same night as the summer music festival, but this time at the Venue at Horseshoe Casino in Hammond, Indiana. Weezer will put the year 2012 to rest with one last show at the Hard Rock Live in Orlando, Florida on November 10, 2012.

This is a purely nostalgic tour, with the entire set list comprised of songs from the debut album, the Blue album, and the sophomore album, Pinkerton. This means a chorus of 30-somethings will be in the audience singing along to "Undone – The Sweater Song", "Buddy Holly", and "El Scorcho". "Buddy Holly" is the only single other than "Beverly Hills" to reach RIAA certification, going gold in 1994.

Along the way, Weezer will be playing with such acts as the Black Keys, Florence and the Machines, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Jane's Addiction. Obviously from some of the names listed above, this is a great summer to be a grunge and Alternative fan, as the music genres turn the big 2-0.

Weezer is the alternative rock band from the early 1990s that has had as much speaking to the fans with their music as alienating them at times. Still, in this somewhat abusive musical relationship, the fans and critics have repeatedly lauded just praise upon the band from Los Angeles. Weezer albums and certainly Weezer tickets continue to sell as the audience that adored them in the 1990s and the new audience that first heard them in the 21st century are still abuzz with excitement to see this band that perhaps best epitomizes the generations that have grown up over the last two decades.

As the group is now, Rivers Cuomo plays lead guitar, sings, and plays keyboard. Brian Bell plays rhythm guitar, the keyboard, and will offer backup vocals. Scott Shriner plays bass, keyboard, and sings backup. Pat Wilson plays drums, guitar on occasion, and sings backup. Josh Freese has joined Weezer on tour as a drummer since 2009. Like any modern rock band, the group has gone through its share of lineup changes. Jason Cropper was the original guitarist when the band formed in 1992, but left a year later and was replaced by Brian Bell. Matt Sharp was with Weezer at its formation too. The bassist left in 1998 after the band's second album. Mikey Welsh stepped in as the next bassist, but left in 2001 after suffering a mental breakdown that has been attributed to many stresses in his life. Scott Shriner has been playing bass since he left.

Weezer officially lists its first practice date, February 14, 1992, as its birth. The band played together for 16 months, opening for Dogstar (Keanu Reeves' band) as their first gig. Geffen Records offered them a record and contract and the band began its musical ascent. Weezer, the eponymous debut album also known as the Blue Album, released in May 1994. The album has been selling ever since and its singles still garner radio play. It has gone triple platinum in the U.S.; double platinum in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand; and platinum in the UK. The best known song off the album, "Buddy Holly," went gold and peaked at number 17 on the Billboard singles charts, yet remains perhaps the best known of Weezer's catalog.

The band toured constantly as a band that could appeal to the popular crowd as counter cultural and as a nerd rock band for the 1990s. The touring wore on the group, so they took a break in December 2005. Cuomo, the dominant creative force, took the time to plot the course of the next album. Pinkerton came out on September 24, 1996. The commercial response left the record label wanting much more. This was not simply the typical sophomore slump. This was the first proof of the true colors of the Cuomo and, by extension, Weezer. Panned by fans for its much darker tone, the album put the future of the group at risk. Simply put, Cuomo created and played music for himself and not his fans.

Weezer went into hiatus and Cuomo again began working on material. He also began to enter a deep depression, a condition that had already afflicted one former band member and would drive Mikey Welsh from the group in a few years. In 2000 Weezer returned for a summer tour. That summer tour led to time in a recording studio and the eventual release of the group's third album, Weezer (this time known as the Green Album). The second eponymous album returned the group to platinum sales and reached number four on the U.S. Album charts.

Always one to stump convention, Weezer came back with Maladroit. The album was released on May 14, 2002, but was released online for no charge in return for criticism. The marketing approach created tension between the band and the record label. The album just went gold, frustrating the label further.

Weezer and the label continued their relationship, mind you three years later. Make Believe came out on May 10, 2005. the album returned the band to platinum status. The album also reached its best chart position in the U.S., number two in the Billboard 200.

Weezer, the third self-titled album, became as the Red Album. This Rick Rubin-produced album was another experimental album. Predictably, the album reached gold in New Zealand and silver in the UK. The album earned far more money touring than in album sales.

In 2009, Raditude came out and Weezer toured with Blink-182. Later that year Geffen Records finally dropped the album after poor album sales and a much-stressed relationship. The band found a new home on Epitaph Records. Now on Epitaph, Weezer released Hurley on September 14, 2010. Named for the popular "Lost" character, the album was promoted on YouTube. The group allowed 15 amateur online video producers to create music videos. The group has since re-released Pinkerton and released the Death to False Metal on November 2, 2010. Get your Weezer tickets from OnlineSeats for cheap to see this legendary band live.

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