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The duo stared off by recording anarchic and free-spirited sounds at home itself. The band was at that point of time highly influenced by acts like Syd Barrett, The Beatles, Queen, Prince, Butthole Surfers, The Residents and the lo-fi punk movement. The duo self-released six albums and managed to garner a huge underground fan following.
Ween eventually signed a recording deal with Twin/Tone Records in 1989 and a year later released their debut album ‘GodWeenSatan: The Oneness'. ‘The Pod' followed the maiden album in 1991 that was well accepted by the fans. In 1992 the band came out with their album ‘Pure Guava' on the Elektra label. The album spawned the single ‘Push Th' Little Daisies' that brought them media & MTV attention. 1994's ‘Chocolate and Cheese' heralded 70s pop/rock & soul satires such as ‘Freedom of '76' and ‘Voodoo Lady'. Around this time Ween started to develop their live and studio line-up. In 1996 the band came out with yet another album ‘12 Golden Country Greats' that had just ten tracks. A year later the album ‘The Mollusk' which highlighted Ween's parody, deconstruction, and enthusiastic command of genres including 1960's Brit-pop, sea shanties, Broadway show tunes, and particularly progressive rock, was released. The band in 1997 released the MP3-only ‘Craters of the Sac'. After releasing their pop themed album ‘White Pepper' in 2000, the band parted ways with Elektra. After releasing the album, the band launched their own Internet radio station ‘WeenRadio'. The band also established their own label ‘Chocodog Records'. The band was all set to release their album ‘Paintin' the Town Brown' on their own record however, Elektra recognized the sales prospective of the CD and denied Ween the right to release it through Chocodog.
The album ‘Live in Toronto' became Chocodog's first official release. After releasing a couple of more albums, the duo signed a recording deal with Sanctuary Records in 2003. The same year the band came out with the album ‘Quebec' that was followed by ‘Live in Chicago', a year later. In 2007 the band came out with their latest album ‘La Cucaracha'.

Selected Discography

• GodWeenSatan: The Oneness – 1990
• The Pod – 1991
• Pure Guava – 1992
• Chocolate & Cheese- 1994
• Quebec- 2003
• La Cucaracha- 2007
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Ween the popular alternative rock group was started in 1984 in New Hope, Pennsylvania by Aaron Freeman and Mickey Melchiondo. The duo had garnered a large underground fan base in spite of being generally unknown in pop music.
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