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Each and every artist has his line of performance where he is well known. Wayne Brady is an American singer and an actor who was born on 2nd June 1972 in Columbus. Due to his work as a regular in the series, whose line is it anyway?, he has become a popular artist. He has also been the host of the Wayne Brady show and also hosted Let’s Make A Deal show. 

And as every artist has a starting point, Wayne Brady began his career in the original version of Whose Line Is IT Anyway where he worked along with Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie and Clive Anderson, Who was the host, in 1998. After the last season of the show was filmed in Hollywood, Brady became a regular on the American version which was hosted by Drew Carey acting as his first stateside television exposure. Having worked in other more various shows, Brady’s show can be termed as the one you don’t want to miss. 

Wayne Brady is not only known for his presence in the acting field as he has done a couple of hit songs. Some of his single hits include Beautiful, Ordinary, Don’t stop, F.W.B, whistle while I work amongst others. 

His significance in the acting field was reflected when he made a guest appearance in the How I Met Your Mother TV series and played James who was a gay brother to Barney. He reappeared in both the 2007 and 2010 episodes. He has also stared in various comedies such as Getting Along Famously which was a comedy film. 

Besides his acting career, Brady has been known for his charity work. This was reflected back in 2007 when he became a supporter of Ronald McDonald Charities.

In an overall view, Brady can be rated as a success and a role model to the upcoming artists.

Wayne Brady's hugely popular ''Whose Line Is It Anyway?'' featured a hilarious cast as Drew Carey, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles, and Greg Proops. Wayne Brady astounded everybody with his very good impressions of various singers. Deep viewer appreciation was never in so called short supply for this very talented actor and presenter; and eventually, he went on to start his own big project ABC variety show in 2001. Though, the show was not proved hugely successful like his other shows; but that couldn't put him off the main track and he heartily launched a famous daytime talk show ''The Wayne Brady Show'' in 2002. This very good show lasted for two awesome seasons and eventually won an impressive four Daytime prestigious Emmy Awards.

Wayne Brady is hugely famous for his likable, adored, family-friendly public image; this image really constrained his consummate artistic range, is what he really thought. This made come out on the popular appelle's Show as a common real-life street thug and pimp. Well, there is one from that famous sketch and that is still doing the amazing rounds. "Is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a bitch?" was superb and one of the most widely quotable and freakish sayings of the year. So, that's it; but not to forget is Wayne Brady's well quoted line from Paul Mooney's popular "Negrodamus" sketch where he exquisitely delivered the audiences as Wayne Brady makes well known Bryant Gumbel look like normal Malcolm X." Eventually, that led Chappelle to call up and sincerely apologize to Brady. Wayne Brady also offered him a famous guest spot on the show.
In 2004, Wayne Brady became an essential part of the long-running Broadway revival of huge popular flick Chicago. Wayne Brady played the role of the sharp lawyer Billy Flynn. Wayne Brady has been duly honored with many nominations for his breath taking work in theater. Wayne Brady also earned the nomination for Best Actor in a Musical for the famous ''Cotton Patch Gospel'' at the reputed Edyth Bush Theatre. Wayne Brady was also named as the Rookie of the Year for the famous Theatre Sports/Improv by well known Sak Theatre in 1992. Wayne Brady is happily married to well known TV personality MandieTaketa and the couple has one child. His live shows are better described as tremendous with full of music, humor, fun and life. So, if you want to watch his live performance to make your day; just collect your tickets from an on-line ticket vendor to avoid the huge rush for tickets.

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