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The Wavves began as the singular effort of Nathan Williams, a slacker from San Diego who discovered the sound that would make him a lo-fi sensation after over inputting audio from a 1980s tape recorder into the modern Garage Band music editing program. The result has been a sharp increase in the sale of Wavves tickets and albums.

Nathan Williams has taken a number of people out on the road with him. Currently Bill Hayes and Stephen Pope, formerly of the Jay Reatard band, have joined Williams as part of Wavves. Ryan Ulsh and Zack Hill have performed and recorded with Williams, but have each departed.

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Williams named the band Wavves after his fear of the ocean. As the primary creative force behind the music and the name, he retreats into a world of boredom, weed, and, of course, the beach. He has a wrath he wishes to unload upon Goth culture and has made a name for himself with sound rife with distortion and sunny lyrics purposefully juxtaposing the dirty sound.

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