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Surf films flourished back in the sixties and seventies. Slowly, surf theater culture totally vanished from the scene. A surfer by the name of Brian Musial wanted to bring back the surf theater experience and also thought of giving amateur surf filmmakers a venue to showcase their skills. Brian then gave a way to the formation of WaveFest Film Festival based in San Francisco. The combination of art of surfing and cinematography at WAVEFEST film festival to unite surfers under one roof. At Wavefest the "mastery of the past is blended with the energy of the present."

The festival invites filmmakers to submit action, experimental, travelogues- films, documentaries. The accepted films are shown in several California cities. September is the prime time to see the best films grown from the sport of surfing. Indonesia, California, Mexico and other surf locales come to life on screen when Wavefest presents the surf cinema on screen.

Musial's WaveFest brings together two concepts. It is the combination of independent surf videos and films joining forces with surf-theater electricity. It aims at encouraging "filmmakers having rare, quality footage and a unique vision to share their dreams with the surf community".The first WaveFest was held at the Roxy theater in San Francisco in September 2001. There were about 15 to 20 home grown surf videos. Vamos Izquierda were the type of artistic travelogues that Musial thought were the gems.
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The festival aims at lifting up quirky, smashing and independent film making. Out of some "weird" submissions Brian manages to spot the legendary underground flicks. Musial hopes to bring the festival to the legendary theaters such as La Paloma once again. He also plans to bring WaveFest on tour. He promoted "Surf Movie Nite" at the Balboa Theater, San Francisco in June. Along with Aqua Surf Shop, WaveFest will also present Drive Thru: Japan, and some footage from Steve Wasylko, a Santa Cruz-based surf filmmaker (Relative Fluidity) and San Francisco surfer/filmmaker Silvan Morgan (Sea By The City).

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