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W.A.S.P. in the beginning comprised of Blackie Lawless, Rik Fox, Randy Piper and Tony Richards. Soon the band gained notoriety for their coarse and at times shocking live shows; Lawless was famous for tying semi-naked models to a torture rack and throwing raw meat into the audience. The band's maiden single ‘Animal' (Fuck Like A Beast), and its cover created uproar. Very soon Rik Fox quit the band and was replaced by Don Costa. Within no time, Don Costa too bade adieu to the band and was replaced by Lawless. Around the same time guitarist Chris Holmes too joined the band. The band with its new lineup signed a recording deal with Capitol Records and released their eponymous maiden album ‘W.A.S.P'. The singles ‘L.O.V.E. Machine' and ‘I Wanna Be Somebody' did well. The band came out with their second effort ‘The Last Command' on November 9, 1985 that featured the hit song ‘Blind in Texas'. The album became very successful and peaked at #47 on the Billboard album chart.

Randy Piper quit the band after the support tour for the album and was replaced by bassist Johnny Rod. The band then went ahead and released their third album ‘Inside the Electric Circus' on November 8, 1986. The album was well accepted by their fans but the critics dismissed it. Moreover, the band was being criticized and opposed by the Parents Music Resource Center, an association led by Tipper Gore that opposed music with lyrics deemed violent or sexual. All the controversies in fact helped improve the sale of the third album.

In 1987 W.A.S.P's song ‘Scream Until You Like It' was featured on the soundtrack of the film ‘Ghoulies 2'. The same year the band released their first live album ‘Live... In The Raw album' and around the same time, Steve Riley had quit W.A.S.P. to join L.A. Guns. W.A.S.P. released its album ‘The Headless Children' on April 15 1989 and soon afterwards the band disbanded. Blackie started work on a solo project ‘The Crimson Idol' but finally released it as a W.A.S.P. album that was followed by ‘Still Not Black Enough', a collection of dark introspective tunes. The band saw many members come and go but Blackie remained constant. The band in spite of seeing many ups and downs continued to tour and release albums. In 2006 the band saw a major lineup change but like always it emerged from it and released yet another album ‘Dominator' in 2007.

Selected Discography

• Face the Attack (1982, independent demo tape)
• W.A.S.P. (August 17, 1984)
• The Last Command (November 9, 1985)
• Inside the Electric Circus (November 8, 1986)
• The Headless Children (April 15, 1989)
• Unholy Terror (2001)
• Dying for the World (2002)
• The Neon God: Part 1 - The Rise (2004)
• The Neon God: Part 2- The Demise (2004)
• Dominator (2007)
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W.A.S.P. is the popular American heavy metal band that was started in 1982. The band was highly successful and popular in the 1980s. W.A.S.P. earned fame and notoriety for their shock rock themed image, lyrics and live performances. The band still continues to enthrall fans and record albums.
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