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On Valentines Day 2004 some thing more happened than the end and beginning of haphazard romances. On that day, in Los Angeles, the band Warpaint officially formed. Friends since they were children, Theresa Wayman, Emily Koka, Shannyn Sossamon, and Jenny Lee Lindberg decided to form a band. For the next three years they played venues in and around Los Angeles, hoping simply to draw an audience before ever dreaming of selling Warpaint tickets and albums.

That time would come, though the group would suffer from the typical growing pains, losing original band mates. As of 2010, Warpaint consists of Emily Kokal on the guitar and singing, Theresa Wayman playing guitar and singing, Jenny Lee Lindberg on bass and singing, and Stella Mozgawa on drums and keyboard. Through these trying times the band remained. Warpaint drew positive reviews for their live performances and their 2008 EP Exquisite Corpse. These critics envisioned this band as a potential female lead breakthrough Indie rock group out of the West Coast.

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The group signed with Rough Trade and released the debut album The Fool on October 25, 2010. They did plenty of touring before the album dropped, playing shows with the xx, Vampire Weekend, and Lollapalooza in the summer of 2010. Warpaint now has an album on the Billboard 200 and a fan base ready to support them as they play concert dates across this country, Europe, and Australia.

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