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Waking Ashland is one of the most revered and successful rock band in the music industry. A prevailing and untiring performer, it attracts fans to prey on its concert tickets. The band entered the music scene during the so called 'newest rock era'. It has broken the chestnut sentiments and arrangement attached pop of the 90's and thus, earned a position for that is both enviable and praiseworthy

Waking Ashland was created by Jonathan Jones (singer/keyboardist), Ryan Lallier (guitarist), and Thomas Lee (drummer) in November 2003. All of the three were music majors at California State University at that time. Their band name twigs from the facet of connecting people through music. It was combined with a reference to Ashland town, Oregon. The band creates a unique sound among their genre by combining emotional piano melodies along with sonic distortion guitars.
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In the beginning (2004), they self-recorded and released their debut album 'I Am for You'. Soon a permanent bassist in Andrew Grosse joined the band. Without record label distribution and publicity (solely through word of mouth promotion), the CD's first pressing of 1,000 copies were sold out within a month. Till date, the six-song CD managed to cross over 10,000 copies list. Its accomplishment landed the band an agent. They dropped out of college and pursued a career in the music industry. Their constant touring, luck and their participation in 2004's Warped Tour, help them to garner publicity. Their fame spread fast and harvested the attention of several record labels. Tooth & Nail Records, home to bands like Further Seems Forever, Mae and Underoath, signed them. They released their first full-length album Composure (produced by Lou Giordano), in May 2005.

On September 5, 2005, the band's website announced that Grosse and Lee had left the band. While permanent replacements have yet to take place, temporary members included Joe Greenetz (Sherwood) and Rob Lynch (Harris) as drummers and bassists Jon Sullivan (Jack's Mannequin) and Trevor Sellers (Number One Gun). Waking Ashland released a nine-song EP, ' Telescopes', only in Japan, on February 8, 2006. An American release is scheduled for spring 2006.Dont want to music such a crowd puller and hypnotic band. Book your tickets online and groove with its rock.

I Am for You (2004),
Composure (2005),
Telescopes (2006, Japan only)
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