Voodoo Experience Tickets for Sale

Voodoo Experience tickets for the 2011 music festival are now available and now at least one performer is known. Voodoo will welcome Soundgarden to the stage as the festival headliner. Soundgarden is playing the late October festival and hopefully they will have more than a couple songs from the much-anticipated reunion album filling out the set.

Voodoo Experience tickets offer little else as of right now, but if the Soundgarden news is any indication this Halloween's Voodoo Festival experience should be one of the most compelling in its history.

Sorry, no upcoming events found at this time.

The Voodoo Experience is the music festival in New Orleans that has been held since 1999. The festival appeals to no single music genre, instead bringing in an eclectic group of performers for the two day event traditionally held on Halloween weekend. Voodoo Experience tickets are another great excuse to head to Bourbon Street every year, even if the fest is held at Tad Gormley Stadium in City Park.

Voodoo Experience tickets began as a simple one-day, single-stage event but quickly began to flourish. Now the Voodoo Experience is a three-day event with six stages dispersed in three areas, the Le Ritual, Le Flambeau, and Le Carnival. Le Ritual is a mainstream stage with acts known by the average person. Le Flambeau is the stage celebrating the local music tradition. Le Carnival is the indie stage with side acts like burlesque shows and circus acts.