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Volbeat is back in the news in 2012. The Danish metal band is on the Billboard charts with the single "Still Counting", a single released in 2012 despite dating back to Guitar Gangsters and Cadillac Blood, the second to last album. Yet the single has piqued the interest of metal fans in North America just in time for Volbeat tickets to mean something in the summer of 2012.

The single has struck a major chord with audiences in the United States and Canada along with "Warrior's Call" and "Fallen". The YouTube music videos have well over a million hits for a reason. The band is coming through North America from May 30, 2012 to July 19, 2012, playing 25 concert dates. It all starts in Fort Lauderdale, Florida at Revolution Live and ends in Baltimore, Maryland at the Ram's Head Live.

Sorry, no upcoming events found at this time.

It all began back in 2000, when Michael Poulsen, Jon Larsen, Anders Kjolholm, and Teddy Vang banded together as the rhythm guitarist and lead singer, drummer, bassist, and lead guitarist. Poulsen had tired of the much publicized but little listened to death metal scene and recruited former members of the death metal group Dominus. They became Volbeat, a name derived from Volume Beat. It took mere 1,000 copies sold of a quick recording to sign with a label. However, it took four more years until Volbeat would release its first album, The Strength/TheSound/The Songs.

Three more albums have followed: Rock the Rebel/Metal Devil, Guitar Gangster & Cadillac Blood, and Beyond Hell/Above Heaven. These albums have all been huge hits in the group's home country of Denmark. The last two have extended Volbeat's reach to the rest of Nordic Europe, to the mainland, and now across the Atlantic Ocean. OnlineSeats has the Volbeat tickets to see the rock band, the band that effortlessly combines elements of metal with rock and roll, punk, and rockabilly.

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