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In his native Mexico, Vicente Fernandez is hailed as the "king of the rancheros." He was born and raised in Huentitlán del Alto, Jalisco, Mexico. He got his start when he won a Guadalajara singing contest; he and his ranchera music have become most popular in Latin America and in Spain. In 1995, his tribute to Mexico's beloved Trio Los Panchos, Recordando A Los Panchos, earned him considerable acclaim and produced two major hits, "Miseria" and "No, No, Y No."

Vicente Fernandez is a native of Mexico as he was born as well as raised in Huentitlán del Alto, Jalisco in 1940, which is in Mexico. Initially he worked like an ordinary boy when at childhood. Like he worked as a shoe shiner, dishwasher, waiter and then cashier but with the passage of time, he got persuaded to make his dream as the only basis to earn his living then he started singing tips at the Amanecer Tapatio. At the same time he got a chance to perform as an actor on a Mexican T.V show La Calandria Musical. Later on he started singing for some of the country's best Mariachi groups on radio.
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Furthermore, It was his good luck that he was born in a family who was traditionally related to the Mexican music. However, it was not difficult for him to enter the musical field and adopt it as a profession as he got inborn skills in this regard as his father Vicente Fernández aka El Charro de Huentitan and brother Alejandro Fernández was in profession since long. So Vicente Fernandez from his youth started participating in singing with his father and mentor at a very young age. Later on he decided to adopt this profession as a career therefore, he graduated with an accounting degree from some local institute prior to get into the musical profession. Nonetheless he started his actual musical career when he won a Guadalajara singing contest. Nevertheless, with the passage of time he and his ranchera got fame and recognition and became one of the most popular singers of Spain and Latin America as well as in Latino communities through out the USA. He earned tremendous fame from his tribute to Mexico's beloved Trio Los Panchos, Recordando A Los Panchos.

Though he has reached the age of 61 but still is a very active singer and keeps on performing on stage since he joined this profession and stands among the worlds highest recording artists. Therefore, a few of his famous albums include 15 Exitos Con El Numero Uno, Dos Gigantes De La Cancion Ranchera, El Charro Mexicano, El Cuatrero, Exitos Y Mas Exitos, Gusta Usted? Joyas Rancheras, LA Historia De Un Idolo Vol.1, Las Clasicas De Jose Alfredo Jimenez, Lastima Que Seas Ajena, Le Canta A America Latina, Lo Mejor De La Baraja Con El Rey, Los 15 Grandes Exitos, Mexicanisimo: 16 Exitos, Mexicanisimo: 24 Exitos, Palabra De Rey, Por Tu Maldito Amor, Que De Raro Tiene, Sony Pistas, Vo. 1(KARAOKE), Tesoros Musicales de Mexico, Vicente Fernandez Y Sus Canciones, Vol. 5-Sony Pistas (KARAOKE). Furthermore, few of the most popular sample songs are: Camino de Guanajuato, Que Suerte la Mia, Mundo Raro, Arrullo de Dios, Esta Noche, Vamonos, Alma de Acero, Tu Recuerdo y Yo, Viejos Amigos, Hay un Momento, . Cuando los Años Pasen and Yo. Therefore, out of a large number of ranchera singers and hundreds of mariachi songs only few singers have achieved an influential equilibrium of an overwhelming talent and powerful musical material performed till present in the Mexican mariachi where Vicente was gifted a voice of dynamic quality and thus rewarded the title of "King of Ranchera.
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