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The Vertical Horizon is a hugely popular acoustic jam band with a large fan following. It was formed by two Georgetown University undergraduates Matt Scannell and Keith Kane in the year 1991. After graduation these two relocated to Boston, and after composing their music and working hard day and night, went on to release their debut album in the year 1992. The album was self released by them and was titled "There and back again". What followed were Non-stop tours across the globe, and soon the group was made to open for bands like the Allman Brothers, the Samples and better than Ezra; they have also featured on the Aware II compilation along with people in the league of the likes of Hootie and the Blowfish, Edwin McCain and the Verve Pipe. In the year 1995 Vertical Horizon released their sophomore effort "running on Ice", which featured the well known Carter Beau ford from the Dave Matthews Band on drums.

A year later Sean Hurley, the well known bassist and Ed Toth, another famous performer on drums were supplemented to the lineup. In early 1997 the band issued their new album "Live Stages". When in early 1999 the vertical horizon signed with RCA, they re released their three previous LPs. However it was only in the year 2000 that their proper major-label debut album "Everything You Want", was released on a large scale. This time the group had a tremendous success and the album went double-platinum. This was due to the success of album's title track and three other hit singles, to top it up sweetly Vertical Horizon supported it with a widespread tour of both North America and Europe.
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After enjoying a huge success for their album the vertical horizon returned to the studio, and began work on a follow-up to everything you want, the album. The releases of the finished album was delayed quite a few times, but go ahead for the release was finally issued in the month of September 2003. Eventually Over the period of next two years the album was re launched featuring many new bonus tracks. These new editions of the album appeared particularly in both Japan and North America.

The band is characterized by its key ingredients namely, concrete writing, a vast vibrant range of music, thundering rhythms, and vocal chorus all these soaring over wave after wave of powerfully built guitar sounds.

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