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Vanilla Ice is a reasonably known American Rapper. This artist is popularly known for his superb hit single "Ice Ice Baby;" this track was a sizzling chart buster and the only big hit of his so called sad career. Vanilla Ice as Robert Van Winkle hailed from the Florida; he was born on October 31, 1968 in Miami Lakes, Florida. Robert is also known as the second white rapper who really topped the charts. Robert Van Winkle's career has been really far from enviable. His first major steps in the music industry were seriously taken when eventually he released a not so known album "Hooked," in 1989. This album was released on a completed independent label and eventually sold just 48,000 copies. The album was rated as a sort of collector's item among his fans.

His second highly anticipated album "To the Extreme," was thoroughly released in 1990. This album contained the same tracks as in his previous released album with the minor exception of his tremendous hit, "Ice Ice Baby." Because of this hit the album went on to really sell over 11 million copies. This success eventually made him one of the most known and commercially successful rapper of that glorious time.
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Mar 8 Thu 7:30 PM I Love The 90s: Salt N Pepa, Vanilla Ice & Tone Loc Florida Strawberry Festival Grounds
Plant City, FL
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With this success, Van Winkle issued his next grand album. This album was a cool live version of the huge hit "To the Extreme" and it was aptly titled as "Extremely Live." Though this album sold a very decent number of records; but Vanilla Ice's huge fame had already disintegrated substantially when this album was eventually released in 1991. This was like a shock to him and sadly that was the unfortunate end of the huge commercial success for this talented white rapper.

Vanilla Ice tried to use his very short-lived celebrity status to really market himself in so called other famous mediums of entertainment; but all in vain and all these efforts could get him very little success. Eventually, he made of his mind to act and then he debuted in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II; he performed as "The Ninja Rap" in the movie. In 1991, he reappeared in another film which was tilted as "Cool as Ice," this film was proved as a complete commercial washout. Debut in 1991 as part of the movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze. In the movie he performed "The Ninja Rap". He reappeared in another movie, released in 1991 and titled "Cool as Ice." The movie was a critical and commercial washout. But this artist was undeterred by failure and he firmly returned to his favorite singing with "Hard to Swallow" in 1998.

This was a very valiant effort from his and he tried to reinvent himself as gagster-styled hardcore rapper. This time, he again tasted the failure. He released his next album "Bipolar" in 2001, this album couldn't do well and it merely came and went. During this reinvention both as a rocker and rapper; he issued his next album "Platinum Underground" in 2005. His superb crazy lifestyle and enchanting behavior eventually landed him in sheer trouble with the law. This music genius was also arrested in January 2001. Vanilla Ice has just released his sensational latest album and this time it seems that it will catch the pure imagination of the audiences once again. This talented artist is known for his crazy moves on the stage.
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