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Van Zant are a group that was formed by brothers Donnie and Johnny Van Zant. The duo were born and raised in Jacksonville, Fla.. Their father was a truck driver and their mother was an employee at Dunkin Donuts. The siblings were always musically oriented. At home, they listened to Merle Haggard, Hank Williams and Mel Tillis. Their brother Ronnie took the first step towards a musical career by fronting and establishing the band "Lynyrd Skynyrd."

Unfortunately their brother Ronnie died in a devastating plane crash in 1977. The accident also killed three other members of his band. The brothers though continued their passion and kept Ronnie's musical legacy. Donnie Van Zant went ahead and founded the band ".38 Special." The band became one of the most popular Southern rock bands in the 1980s. Johnny headed an AOR-styled quintet on a 1985 album titled Van Zant. When Lynyrd Skynyrd reunited in 1987, the brothers parted ways as Johnny joined the band as lead vocalist.
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The Van Zant name was restored in 1998 when Johnny and Donnie came together to record an album. The album was supposed to be one off thing and was suitably titled "Brother to Brother." However, the album got a very positive response and convinced the brothers to pursue more projects together. The band released another album in 2001 titled "Van Zant II." The duo then signed up with Sony Nashville in 2004. Vant Zant released their next album "Get Right With the Man" in 2005.

The Van Zant are like the royalty of American music. The duo are are great performers and will give you a great concert experience. Be at their concerts and witness these amazing musicians and their mesmerizing music. Contact you on-line ticket vendor and get the tickets to their concerts as soon as possible.


Get Right With The Man (2005)
Van Zant II (2001)
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