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Initially Jamie Madrox and Monoxide were part of the rap trio ‘House of Krazees', and performed under the moniker ‘Mr. Bones' and ‘Hektic'. After the band split in 1997, the duo formed Twiztid and signed a recording deal with ‘Psychopathic Records'. A year later the band's maiden album ‘Mostasteless' was issued by Psychopathic. ‘Insane Clown Posse' after signing a recording deal with Island Records helped Twiztid clinch a deal with the company as well. The band's debut album ‘Mostasteless' was re-released with some changes, like dropping a few tracks and adding some, by Island in 1999. A year later the band came out with ‘Cryptic Collection'. The same year the band released its sophomore effort ‘Freek Show', which became a big hit. The album helped the group make their presence felt in the music world. Propelled by the success of their second album, the band released an EP ‘Mirror Mirror' in 2002. A year later the album ‘Green Book' followed. This album was remarkably darker than the earlier albums and initiated a change in the group's sound. Twiztid's had changed their appearance for this album and they continued to change appearances as per the album.

The band also started releasing a succession of half-hour episodes of what they called ‘The Purple Show' on the Internet. Later on the band released all three original episodes, plus an unreleased fourth episode on DVD, which became highly popular. Meanwhile, the group also launched its own label ‘Majik Records' but eventually returned to Psychopathic. In 2004, the band came out with their third ‘Cryptic Collection' album, which featured a cover of Steve Miller's ‘The Joker'.

In 2005, Twiztid's fan got a double bonanza, the band came out with two albums ‘Man's Myth' Vol. 1 and ‘Mutant' Vol. 2. Each of the albums had a DVD each; The Man's Myth DVD had recordings from the group's live performance at The Gathering of the Juggalos 2004, and comments by Jamie and Paul about their discography. The Mutant DVD featured the music video for ‘Story of Our Lives', behind-the-scenes video recording of the making of the video and a sixth episode of ‘The Purple Show'. In 2007, the band came out with yet another album ‘Independents Day' which featured guest artists like Tech N9ne, Potluck, Proof and Bizarre from D12, (həd) p.e., Tha Dogg Pound, DJ Quik, The Dayton Family, DJ Clay, Insane Clown Posse and Blaze Ya Dead Homie.

Selected Discography

Albums and EPs

• The Green Book (2003)
• 4 tha Fam (2003) (download only)
• Fright Fest 2003 EP (2003) (only available at Fright Fest)
• Cryptic Collection Vol. 3 (2004)
• Season of the Pumpkin: Fright Fest Giveaway (2004) (only available at Fright Fest)
• Man's Myth Vol. 1 (2005)
• Mutant Vol. 2 (2005)
• Cryptic Collection Vol. 4 Halloween Edition (2006) (only available at the 2006 Hallowicked show)
• Independents Day (2007)
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Mar 23 Fri 7:30 PM Twiztid The Forge
Joliet, IL
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Mar 24 Sat 5:30 PM Twiztid Oddbody's
Dayton, OH
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Apr 20 Fri 5:30 PM Twiztid Ace of Spades
Sacramento, CA
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Apr 22 Sun 6:30 PM Twiztid Studio Seven
Seattle, WA
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Twiztid a hardcore hip hop/horrorcore rap group from Eastpointe, Michigan, started in 1997 has rocked the music world ever since. It is one of the second most popular groups on ‘Psychopathic Records' and has a dedicated fan following.
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