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TV on the Radio is the experimental group from Brooklyn that began as a duo interested in electronica, hip hop, and turntablism and became a full band that mixes elements of alternative rock, free, jazz, electro, and soul to become one of the most celebrated bands of the hipster movement. TV on the Radio tickets sell out in any city now that the music press and Youtube have spread the word proclaiming the greatness of TVOTR.

The group consists of Tundre Adebimpe as the lead singer, David Andrew Sitek as the guitarist and keyboardist, Kyp Malone as a vocalist and guitarist, Jaleel Bunton on drums, and Gerald Smith on bass and sometimes keyboards. Do to the eclectic array of influences the group has help at times from Katrina Ford and Kazu Makino on vocals and Martin Perna on saxophone and flute. TV on the Radio has become a winning combination of new and old influences along with an energetic stage show that runs the gamut between hip hop and alternative rock. Concert tickets are a great find for anyone in the mood for a new sound.

Initially Adebimpe and Sitek released an album, OK Calculator, in response to OK Computer, but the group grew into a new genre and in 2003 TV on the Radio released the Young Liars EP. Critics lauded the release and were equally pleased with the first full length album, Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes. The album did not reach gold status, but did win the 2004 Shortlist Music Prize, which helped bring TVOTR to the forefront of the indie music scene. Tickets to their shows became harder to find and the group pressed on to greater acclaim.
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In 2006 TV on the Radio released Return to Cookie Mountain, an album which included appearances by groups and artists like Blonde Redhead, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs Bick Zinner, and David Bowie. The third album, Dear Science, hit the shelves in 2008 and again was an instant favorite by critics and fans. The album was named the best album of the year by Rolling Stone, the Guardian, Spin Magazine, The Onion AV Club, and Pitchfork Media's readers' poll.

OnlineSeats will have the TV on the Radio tickets for the North American tour that will take the experimental TVOTR on a tour across the country after Coachella Music Festivasl on April 19. The tour officially begins on May 12 at the Headliners Music Hall in Louisville and will have concerts scheduled until June 8 at the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC. Get your great seats at cheap prices for views throughout the seating chart for large venues and just great values for standing room only clubs here.
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