Trans-Siberian Orchestra Tickets for Sale

The time is here to purchase Trans-Siberian Orchestra tickets to see the amalgamation of rock, classical music, and the holiday spirit. Look for your seats to enjoy this 2010 holiday must see.

Just as the musical establishment found it difficult to accept rock as a real form of music in the ‘50s and ‘60s, the industry showed similar disinterest in the infusion of rock into traditional Christmas songs. The Trans Siberian Orchestra proved the music executives in 1996 when composers Paul O'Neill and Robert Kinkel incorporated Savatage lead singer Jon Olivia in the group that made rock opera a holiday must.

The Trans Siberian Orchestra released their first album, Christmas Eve and Other Stories, under the Lava label. Though the album peaked at number 89 on the Billboard charts, the album went on to sell two-times platinum and has become a staple every holiday season. The album took advantage of the studio to bring a 60-piece orchestra together with a heavy metal singer and a book full of Christmas carols.

The live show is not as extensive as the studio, but it still features fourteen singers, fourteen instrumental musicians, and two narrators in a Christmas performance that has the feel of a ‘70s rock concert. The Trans Siberian Orchestra has been a huge success on tour with that mix of old and new. The Trans Siberian concerts earned $21 million in 2005, good 21st on the list for the most successful tours that year. Not bad for a group that has a limited window of touring.

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The Trans Siberian Orchestra followed the 1996 classic album with a 1998 release, The Christmas Attic. The Orchestra completed the Christmas trilogy in 2004 with the album Lost Christmas Eve, but has had attempted to bring that unique rock opera sound to albums that are more appropriate to play year round.

In 2000 they released Beethoven's Last Night, a concept album telling the story of Beethoven's last night on Earth and the mystical characters he meets. The Trans Siberian Orchestra has been working on a second non-Christmas album for years. Night Castle is set to come out in 2009. Little is known about the new album, other than the well-publicized inclusion of a version of "O Fortuna" on the album.

The Trans-Siberian Orchestra continues to abide by its namesake, the Russian railway that connected cultures that would otherwise be isolated in the vast winter land. In 2010, Trans-Siberian Orchestra tickets will be sold for two concurrent tours. This brings the rock opera to twice the people and many more of the smaller cities that would normally miss out on this holiday experience.