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Tori Amos, born on August 22, 1963, is an American singer and songwriter. While being a classically trained musician, Tori Amos has a mezzo-soprano vocal range. The lifetime achievements of this artist can be judged from the fact that she has been nominated for a Grammy Award for a total of eight times. 

Tori Amos began to play the piano at a very young age, and by the age of five she had started composing instrumental pieces on piano. At a very young age of 13, she started playing piano at piano bars. Her first claim to spotlight was winning a county teen contest in 1977 where she sang a song called “More Than Just a Friend”. In High School, she co-wrote a song with her brother called “Baltimore” for a contest. The song won and became her very first single which was released locally. After years of playing piano at bars, she finally left for Los Angeles at the age of 21 to pursue her music career.

After moving to LA, Amos was part of a group known as 'Y Kant Tori Read'. Soon afterwards she launched her solo career. Her first album 'Little Earthquakes' was her first breakthrough which brought her to the spotlight and made her a permanent part of the mainstream music industry. Subsequent studio albums by Tori Amos include: Under the Pink, Boys for Pele, From the Choirgirl Hotel, and To Venus and Back. Her most recent album was released in 2014 called 'Unrepentant Geraldines'. This is the fourteenth studio album by the artist and it is the eighth album by her to debut in the top 10 of the Billboard 200. 

The shining career of Tori Amos shows that she is an unstoppable asset of the music industry. With fourteen studio albums and the last one released this year, the artist intends to go much farther.

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Tori Amos is a songwriter in the classic '70s sense. Creating meaningful, emotional songs that incorporate acoustic guitar, piano, and strings into elaborate and evocative compositions, Amos' fragile voice carries with it all the strength, emotion and sensuality her intelligent, poetic lyrics allow. Her complexity as an artist comes from her ability to display womanly vulnerability and subvert it with raw sexuality and intimidating, thick-skinned ire, embodying it all with startling honesty.

b. Myra Ellen Amos, 22 August 1963, North Carolina, USA. Amos was compared early in her career to everyone from Kate Bush to Joni Mitchell. She began playing the piano aged two-and-a-half, and was enrolled in Baltimore's Peabody Institute as a five-year-old prodigy. Legend has it that she was formally ejected for "playing by ear" the songs of John Lennon and the Doors, following six years study. After failing an audition to gain re-entry, Amos concentrated on the bar circuit of Washington, DC, which she continued to do throughout her high-school years, gradually moving to better venues and adding her own material. In 1980, aged 17, she released (under her real name, Ellen Amos) her first single "Baltimore"/"Walking With You" on the MEA label (named after her own initials). She favored cover versions such as Joni Mitchell's "A Case Of You", Billie Holiday's "Strange Fruit" and Bill Withers' "Ain't No Sunshine", later staples of her 90s live set. Amos then adopted the first name Tori, after a friend's boyfriend's remark that she "didn't look much like an Ellen, more like a Tori". The dozens of demo tapes she had recorded since her early teens (mostly sent out by her doting father) failed to give her a break, and she switched tack to front pop rock band Y Kant Tori Read (a play on words that referred to her previous expulsion from the conservatory). Musicians in the band included guitarist Steve Farris (ex-Mr. Mister), Matt Sorum (future Cult and Guns N'Roses drummer), Vinny Coliauta (Frank Zappa), Peter White (co-writer to Al Stewart) and Kim Bullard (ex-Poco), but the production and material (largely co-composed between Bullard and Amos) did her few favors.

Amos lowered her profile for a while after this undignified release, though she did appear on albums by Stewart, Canadian songwriter Ferron and Stan Ridgway. As she remembers, "After the trauma I crumbled. I was very confused about why I was doing music." Nevertheless, she persevered in writing her own songs, and eventually a tape of these reached Atlantic Records' co-chairman, Doug Morris. Though he saw the germ of her talent, he decided that her current sound was to the taste of the average American-FM listener, and sent Amos instead to the UK (and EastWest Records) so that she might enjoy a better reception. Amos moved to London in February 1991 and started playing small-scale gigs around the capital. Her "debut" EP, Me And A Gun, was released in October 1991, and tackled the emotive and disturbing topic of her rape by an armed "fan" as she drove him home after a gig. An acclaimed debut album, Little Earthquakes, followed in January 1992, although the comparisons to Kate Bush continued (not helped by a similar cover design).

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