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Chong born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on May 24, 1938 is without doubt the most celebrated Asian Canadian hippies, and amongst if not the most famous Asian Canadian comics of all time. As a child, he started learning the guitar and by the time he was eleven he could play country-and-western music. Eventually, he got hooked to rhythm and blues, turned into a professional musician and left school. He started the rock and roll/rhythm and blues band, the ‘Shades' but had to leave town after a chiefly unruly gig. Chong and the Shades shifted to Vancouver, where Chong bought a club, the ‘Elegant Parlour', played guitar and sang in the house band ‘Bobby Taylor & the Vancouvers', which for a short time featured a very young Jimi Hendrix. The band's single ‘Does Your Mama Know About Me' composed by Chong reached at #29 on the United States pop chart and at #5 on the US R&B chart.

Chong found fame as the comedy duo Cheech and Chong. The duo were popular in the 1970s and 1980s for their stand-up acts, which were established upon the period's hippie, free love and particularly drug culture movements. The duo came out with a number of highly appreciated comedy albums, and starred in a string of low-budget films, becoming one of the most successful comedy teams of all time. Their most popular comedy acts include "Earache My Eye," "Basketball Jones," "Santa Claus and his Old Lady," and "Sister Mary Elephant." To the dismay of everyone, the popular duo separated in 1985 due to creative differences. Chong was a frequent character and later became a steady character ‘Leo' a hippie during the second, third, fourth, seventh, and eighth seasons of ‘That '70s Show'. Talks are going on between the two to reunite and star in a movie together.

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Thomas Chong, is the popular Canadian-born actor and musician who is well-known for his conventional characterizations of hippie-era stoners. He gained immense popularity after portraying the role of Chong in the marijuana-themed Cheech & Chong comedy movies with Cheech Marin.
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