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Tom Verlaine started learning the piano at an early age but changed to the saxophone in middle school after hearing a record by John Coltrane. He started learning the guitar in his teenage years, as initially he was not much impressed by the instrument. Apart from playing musical instruments he also had an interest in writing and poetry. In the boarding school where he studied, he became friends with future band mate and punk icon Richard Hell. They both shared a zeal for music and poetry. The duo ran away from school and shifted to New York City. At this point of time, Verlaine took his stage name. He and Hell started the band ‘The Neon Boys' and roped in drummer Billy Ficca to solidify the lineup. However, the band soon disbanded as the duo failed to rope in a second guitarist.

The band after finding guitarist Richard Lloyd reformed with a new name ‘Television'. The fledgling band began gigging at influential punk clubs like ‘CBGB's' and ‘Max's Kansas City'. In 1975, Verlaine threw Hell out of the band for his irregular playing and behavior. Fred Smith replaced Hell and the band with a new lineup released their first single. The band released two critically acclaimed albums ‘Marquee Moon' and ‘Adventure' after which it broke up.

Verlaine embarked on a solo career and came out with his eponymous solo album ‘Tom Verlaine' in 1979. Verlaine shifted to England for a short period as his work was highly appreciated in England as well as the rest of Europe. In the nineties, Verlaine joined forces with various artists including Patti Smith and wrote a film score for Love and a .45. In the beginning of the 90s to the delight of many fans, Television reformed. The band then released an album that got mixed reviews. Since then the band has reunited sporadically for touring. After a gap of many years, in 2006 Verlaine released his album ‘Songs and Other Things'.

Solo albums

• Tom Verlaine (1979)
• Dreamtime (1981)
• Words from the Front (1982)
• Cover (1984)
• Flash Light (1987)
• The Wonder (1990)
• Warm and Cool (1992) (Reissued in 2005)
• The Miller's Tale: A Tom Verlaine Anthology (1996)
• Around (2006)
• Songs and Other Things (2006)
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Tom Verlaine is a singer, songwriter and guitarist par excellence; he is also popular as the front man for the New York rock band, ‘Television'. Verlaine is considered by many to be one of the most brilliant performers of the early post punk era. He is positioned at #56 on Rolling Stone Magazine's "100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time".
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