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Tift Merritt enthralls music lovers with her exciting and vibrant form of music. Music lovers flock in large numbers to the venues of her performance to see her sing.

Singer and lyricist Tift Merritt apparently came into view out of nowhere during the spring of 2002 with her highly praised introductory compilation Bramble Rose, but as is quite common this highly talented performer -- an outstanding singer, wonderful songwriter, and proficient guitarist -- actually has ample experience behind her.. Merritt was born in Houston, TX, in 1975 and her family shifted to North Carolina while she was young and she's resided there since then. Merritt initially formed an attraction towards music when she was a child and picked up the art of singing harmonies with her father, who had experimented with folk music in his youth.

Early in her early teens, she took a guitar and her dad trained her in the first four chords. While Merritt was attracted towards the defiant spirit of punk and indie rock, she experienced a bigger emotional link with other acoustic-leaning performers, predominantly Joni Mitchell. Listening to Emmylou Harris' collection of songs Quarter Moon in a Ten Cent Town exposed Merritt's ears to roots music and she quickly started to submerge herself in North Carolina's lively alt-country scene. Merritt started turning up on a semi-regular manner with the outfit the Two Dollar Pistol, performing duets with key singer John Howie and playing rhythm guitar; she ultimately emerged on a seven-song EP of characteristic country covers the outfit made public in the autumn of 1999. Searching for a medium for her own compositions, in 1998 Merritt shaped a group christened the Carbines with drummer Zeke Hutchins, guitarist Greg Reading, and bassist Jay Brown; the group quickly turned into a fixture on the North Carolina club arena and they made public a well admired 7" single.

Flanked by the Carbines and the Two Dollar Pistols, Merritt was turning out to be a well-liked individual in the North Carolina roots music society and in the beginning of 2000, Merritt and the Carbines appeared in position to enter into an agreement with Sugar Hill Records.
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The agreement did not materialize at the last minute, but when Merritt was successful the Chris Austin Songwriting Contest at the yearly 2000 Merlefest Music Festival; it generated a fresh wave of attention in her work. Fellow North Carolina inhabitant Ryan Adams brought Merritt to the notice of his manager, Frank Callari, and he commenced shopping a record agreement for her; when he was engaged as an A&R official for the Universal-circulated roots music label Lost Highway, Merritt happened to be one of his initial signings.

While Merritt entered into an agreement for a solo act, she's persisted in utilizing the Carbines as her supporting band, both for live concerts and for the soundtrack of Bramble Rose. Her opening compilation of songs was made public among passionate evaluation in June 2002. The George Drakoulias-produced Tambourine emerged after a couple of years.If you are an avid music lover you must book your tickets in advance to seer her perform.
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