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This sensational band "Thrice" was formed in 1998, in Irvine, CA. The band comprises: Riley Breckenridge (drummer), Dustin Kensrue (Guitarist /vocalist), Teppei Teranishi (guitarist), and Eddie Breckenridge (bassist). All the band members are familiar to each other since their school days. When they were in school, they often used to discuss music among themselves and one day they decided to form a band. Their well formed band went through the same vigorous practices with some random local gigs and some reasonably popular battle of the bands competitions. During the late 1999, the band had enough tracks to cut a record. Then the amazing quartet recorded 12 sizzling tracks and released their electrifying debut album "Identity Crisis" in April 2000. There debut album eventually earned them more gigs and some local buzz.
In 2001, the band articulately sparked the keen interest of Louis Posen. It's all ended up with Posen's well greeted entry in the band; with this collaboration the band reissued "Identity Crisis" with some added tracks. Eventually "Thrice" re-entered the famous studio with well known producer Brian Mc Ternan, this timely deal was very good enough to really set to record their sensational official debut album. This awesome band has been duly praised by the many known music critics and stars; and they have earned a ardent fan base. Their fans eagerly wait for their live performances and heartily buy tickets to be there.

In Feb, 2003, the band was again signed with well known Mc Ternan but this time they were signed with a huge budget. In Aug 2003, "Thrice" released their next album "The Artist in the Ambulance," eventually this album climbed the various music charts. After this, the band never looked back and toured many famous places including Europe. Their amazing tours and music has already earned them a huge following. The band has signed with the Sub City, and they have been actively supporting many charities and non-profits. The band is hugely famous for their sensational music and liberal attitude. This popular band is performing live; you can enjoy their music, just collect your tickets from your on-line ticket vendor and be there.

Vheissu [Deluxe Edition]
If We Could Only See Us Now
The Artist in the Ambulance
The Illusion of Safety
Identity Crisis
All That's Left
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