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Formed in 1976 by old timer musicians Mick Jones and Ian McDonald, The Foreigner is a hard rock band fromNew York City. The band also included an unknown vocalist Lou Gramm at that time. The band is headed by British journeyman rocker Mick Jones who have been a former member of Nero and the Gladiators, Spooky Tooth, and The Leslie West Band. The current line up of the The Foreigner includes Mick Jones on guitar, piano, keyboards, background vocals; Jeff Jacobs on piano, organ, keyboards, background vocals; Thom Gimbel: saxophone, guitar, background vocals ; Kelly Hansen on lead vocals; Jason Bonham on drums and Jeff Pilson on bass guitar.
The band's debut album "Foreigner" proved to be a great success for the band and sold more than four million copies in the US. This album remained in the Top Twenty for an year decorated with hits like "Feels Like the First Time", "Cold as Ice", and "Long Long Way From Home". The second release "Double Vision" over took the sale of their previous album and added more stars to the fame of The Foriegner. The hit singles "Hot Blooded" and title track "Double Vision" made the album to touch the heights of popularity. Their third album, "Head Games", is a more fundamental effort, which Gramm refers to as their "grainiest" album. This album also attained grand success because of its roaring hit "Dirty White Boy" along with title track hit "Head Games".

In 1980, the band welcomed one more artist Rick Wills on bass, making it a quartet. Their third album became their biggest hit laced with songs like "Jukebox Hero", "Waiting for a Girl Like You", and "Urgent". Another album, "Agent Provocateur" was released in 1984 giving them their only #1 hit. This album was a ballad inspired from gospel and backed by the New Jersey Mass Choir, "I Want to Know What Love Is". The band had a freeze in late 1980s when Jones and Gramm each put out solo efforts. But in 1987, Foreigner reunited and came up with a release of "Inside Information", spawning hits like "Say You Will" and "I Don't Want To Live Without you". But the group once again disbanded reportedly because of the egos of Gramm and Jones.

In 1990, The Foreigner was reunited by Mick Jones with a new lead vocalist, Johnny Edwards. With this enthusiastic team again, Foreigner released the album "Unusual Heat" in 1991. But unfortunately, the album proved to be their worst selling album and only reached as high as #117 on the Billboard 200, however "Lowdown and Dirty" was a minor mainstream rock hit. But by 1992, Lou Gramm rejoined Foreigner and produced, the band's second biggest hits album, "The Very Best and Beyond". After three years, the band released their comeback album, "Mr. Moonlight" but proved even worse than "Unusual Heat". The band again went on to hiatus. In 2005, the band was again ready with a new energy under the leadership of Mick Jones. He latest albums of the band include "The Essentials" in 2005, "Extended Versions" in 2006, "The Definitive Collection" in 2006. Currently, The Foreigner is touring around the country extensively including cities like Mexico, California and many more.
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