Shrek Tickets for Sale

Shrek was never much of a musical man in the movies, but once he discovered the live stage his story became a big Broadway show, one now making the rounds on the international stage and one touring the United States for a second time. This production has been inspiring parents and their kids to arrive at theaters across the country, with Shrek tickets in hand and Shrek T-shirts on their backs. 

It has become quite commonplace for beloved movies to arrive at the doors of big Broadway and West End theaters in musical form. This has been a phenomenon picking up steam since the 1990s, so it came as no surprise when a year after the animated film endeared itself to hundreds of millions a pair of creative types from the world of live theater would seek an opportunity to add a live show to the Shrek family. If this were a Disney Theatrical production it would have been fast tracked, but this was the first time a Dreamworks movie had garnered such interest. Thus, it took six years, but eventually Shrek the Musical graced the big stage with big names like Brian d’Arcy playing the titular character, Sutton Foster taking on the role of Princess Fiona, Christopher Sieber portraying Lord Farquaad, and Daniel Breaker playing Donkey.

The result was a family affair drawing millions to New York City to enjoy a show at the Broadway Theatre. Shrek the Musical includes a few original songs, like “Story of My Life” and “Build a Wall”, but the audience is sure to hear “I’m a Believer” at the end of the show, just like in the movie.  From Broadway, Shrek has gone international. Not only is there a West End show at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane, but the musical has been touring the United States. Thus, no matter where anyone is, there is an excellent chance Shrek the Musical tickets will be good for a date at a local venue in 2012 and through 2013, at the very least.