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The band saw a lot of changes as shuffle and juggle started when Field left and was replaced later in the band by Bob Wall ( who was on the guitar for the albums – Love Song and Final Touch). John Mehler, who was also invovled with the band in its fledgling days had left them earlier but made sure to rejoin the team at the righ time to play on "Final Touch" and "Feel The Love". Wall had to leave later and the vaccum was filled up Phil Keaggy . They were all dedicated members of the Jesus Movement of the 1970s coming out of Chuck Smith's Calvary Chapel. Out of all their albums Love Song is considered one of the greatest of all times in Christian Music. The group toured the country tirelessly and came to be well known. They were even dubbed as the Beatles of Christian Music during that times. By 1976, the Jesus Movement did not quite keep up with the pace with which it started and started to dwindle away. When it was gone, Christion Rock was renamed as the Contemporary Christian Music (or CCM). CCM was known later to re-align its focus towards monetary interests and benefits rather than ministry work. Love Song also disintegrated after the final "Reunion Tour" which resulted in the "Feel The Love" double live album. It is important to note though, that, many of its members still went on to pursue their musical careers as successful solo artists.

Love Song, 1972
Final Touch, 1974
Feel The Love, 1977
Welcome Back, 1994
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Love Song was a band put together by a group of people who believed that one of the various ways to glorify God and his creations in this world is through music. Though not lasting for very long, the band was successful in proving that music indeed is one of the vehicles to reach to the Super Being. All this originated in 1970 when the Jesus Movement was taking shape and gaining popularity. It was during those times that a group of men who not only had identical interests in singing praises to the Lord but also sported a sort of identical appearances with their long hair and full grown beard, joined together to construct the band and express their new found faith and love in Jesus Christ. Chuck Girard, Tommy Coomes, Jay Truax, and Fred Field appeared on the Calvary Chapel stage to show to the world what they had formulated.

Apparently they had a novel pattern in music which they arrived at by blending folk, rop, pop and country. It was also breaking a paradigm – A style that was supposedly reserved for music like rock was unleashed in the spiritual circles without loosing the gospel message. Thoug radical sometimes, they music was definitely fresh and appealing. The first two official recordings of the band were the "Everlastin' Living Jesus Music Concert-Maranatha! One" in 1971 recorded by Maranatha! Records. One of their super hit was the titular "Love Song" which was recorded live at Explo 72. That record would become very exclusive later as it was given only to those attended the live performance. It was treasured as a collector's edition.
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