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For all you opera aficionados out there, this is your chance to see the grandest diva of them all, a soprano par excellence, a voice that has literally brought the world to its feet- come get your tickets to see the fabulous Jessye Norman live in concert. Norman's voice has been likened to a room full of sunlight, a never-ending feeling of warmth and light that seems to extend far beyond any barrier imaginable. Imagine the thrill of hearing that voice live- the effect could very well change your life.

The story of Jessye Norman is an inspiring one, almost as inspiring as her voice. Norman has never been one to be intimidated by conventions, rules or prejudices. As she once so aptly put it, pigeon-holing is only good for pigeons. With this philosophy in mind, Norman has reached new heights by placing no limitations to herself and what she could achieve. The result has been nothing short of mind-blowing. She has achieved her dreams to dazzling effect and inspired countless others in the process/

Norman was born into a family of musicians, though none of them were professionals. Her musical prowess exhibited itself at an early age when she began to learn the piano and gave her first ever public performance at the tender age of six. She finished her schooling in her home town of Augusta and went on to receive her Bachelor's degree in music in 1967 and then receiving her Master's the following year. Her dizzying climb to fame and success followed soon after. She won the ARD International Music Competition in Munich and made her operatic debut the following year. For the next few years, Norman would be busy with a number of opera houses in Germany and in Italy. Her home country would have to wait till 1973 when she would make her American debut at the Lincoln Center.
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Norman's operatic repertoire is extensive and she is readily associated with such exalted roles as Elisabeth in Richard Wagner's Tannhäuser, Gluck's Alceste, Strauss' Ariadne, Mozart's Countess Almaviva and Stravinsky's Jocasta but her forte is certainly not limited to opera. Norman has shown her prowess in a number of song styles, ranging from American Spirituals, jazz, German Leider, and French Chansons. She has also taken part in a number of cutting edge productions such as Judith Weir's and a truly rare selection of music by Duke Ellington.

Norman is a diva in every sense of the word. Her voice literally carries listeners through a journey in itself and few voices can compete with hers for sheer richness and tone. Don't miss your chance to hear her live- get to your online ticket vendor now and get your tickets to see Jessye Norman in concert.
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