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Hair remains a truly American play whose themes have, unfortunately, remained relevant decades later. Thus, it has returned to Broadway and the West End time and time again. It most recently Broadway in 2009 in the midst of two wars and a country divided once again and, while it is no longer playing in the theater capital of America, it is now playing throughout the country as it tours every major city in most states. Hair tickets are able to do as much throughout 2013, when the tour is heading to those cities and college towns it missed the first time around.

The musical grew out of a combination of a new theater movement and the counter cultures of the 1960s. So, while James Rado and Gerome Ragni had finished what they felt to be a perfect script for the time, the play had a quite a journey before becoming an international success. First it had to find a Broadway producer willing to support an Off-Broadway production. After much rejection, Joe Papp emerged and happened to attract another future in the stands of the Public Theater.  Together this new producer, Michael Butler, managed to take over as producer and take the play to Broadway, debuting at the Biltmore Theatre.

The musical has remained a popular project to revisit not only because of themes touching on drugs, sexuality, race, and pacifism, but because the original songs continue to be so well received. This includes “Aquarius” (Does anybody remember the end of the 40-Year-Old Virgin?), “Hair”, and “Let the Sun Shine In”.  The play also regularly breaks the fourth wall, and is one of the first popular productions to do so. Hair is, thusly, honored as a revolutionary show and has managed to succeed in almost every venue it has graced.

The latest touring production picks back up on January 8, 2012 at the Ganada Theatre in Santa Barbara, California and plays one and two-night engagements throughout the North America until May 5, 2012, when the last Hair tickets are sold for a show at the Tilles Center Concert Hall in Brooksville, New York.

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