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Flanagan's Wake is a super hit interactive and hilarious comedy play. Show has been smash hit running for eleven years in Chicago. It has become one of longest running show in history of Chicago theater. Flanagan's Wake is based in a fictional village of Ireland, Grapplin. Audience is transported to the village where villagers are shown morning death of Flanagan. Creative team of Flanagan's Wake includes names of Phil Lusardi, Amy Binns-Calvey, Geoff Binns-Calvey, Jack Bronis, Jimmy Binns, Bonnie Shadrake, Pat Musker, and Mark Czoske. Show has received lot of acclaim from critics, audience and press as well. Tickets for Flanagan's Wake can be bought from Online Seats at discounted price.

Flanagan's Wake was first performed at the Improv Institute in March of 1994 in Chicago. Story of show revolves around life and death of Flanagan. It is an improv show where some parts of story is provided by viewers who are considered as American cousin. The audience along with friends and family of Flanagan arrive to the funeral of Flanagan. The actors in show perform their predetermined roles but viewers improvise their actions and roles. Play starts with arrival of an Irish priest. Priest carries a bible in one hand and a pint of beer in other and says a prayer. Other relatives and friends of Flanagan attending the funeral are his fiancée, Fiona, his mother, two local neighbors Mickey Finn, and Brian Ballybunion and the mayor of town Martin O'Doul.
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Once everyone arrives they start discussing life and death of Flanagan. Characters in show consume alcohol due to which they suffer from memory loss. This opportunity is given to the audience for constructing the story. The Irish priests begins with an eulogy. Audience is questioned concerning to death of Flanagan like reason behind his death, place of his death and more such questions. Main idea behind it is to build the story by plot suggested by audience and involve them. It is the most interesting part of show as viewers are free to share their tales, stories, personal experiences. Their stories and plots are connected to Flanagan and is worked comically by the actors.

Some of favorite songs of Flanagan are sung by the characters. It becomes one of the funniest part of as original lyrics are distorted and in turn replaced by nonsensical words given by the viewers. When mother of Flanagan speaks audience can have laugh of their life as she does not know English and only fumble words. Brian Ballybunion their local neighbor who translates her words and with his witty comedy makes the audience laugh and laugh. In all Flanagan's Wake is a hilarious comedy. Reason behind success of show has been immense hard work by everybody involved in the show. During the play audience get a real feel of being Irish.

Flanagan's Wake was first showed in 1994 in Chicago. Since then it has numerous successful runs at various places like Green Bay, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Cleveland, Boston, Pittsburgh,
Detroit, Buffalo and Rochester. Flanagan's Wake can be watched by people of any age and they will surely loved it.
Apart from winning hearts of audience Flanagan's Wake is not behind in receiving rave reviews from the media. The Chicago Sun Times reported show as "A great time...". The Boston Globe described it as "A Hoot!".
Chicago Tribune called it a "A Great Party!" . NBC said "One of the funniest shows you'll ever see" and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel called it "Crisp comic timing!" .

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