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Don Pasquale is one of the most famous comic opera or opera buffa of Gaetano Donizetti. It includes three acts with libretto. The libretto is written by Gaetano Donizetti and Giovanni Ruffini based on the original work of Angello Anelli's "Ser Marcantanio". The world premier of Don Pasquale was on Paris and staged on Theatre Italien on January 3,1843. Don Pasquale is a blend of comedy, trickery and passion. It is delightful and melodious, still can attract any opera lover. On the first show Don Pasquale was a huge success. You can enjoy this great comedy with your entire family. We can arrange tickets for this comedy of the nineteenth century. so, get your online tickets now.

Don Pasquale is still popular among the opera lovers because of its tender storyline and perfect character creation. Because of its melodious and inspirational composition Don Pasquale is among the most beautiful opera of nineteenth century. It is hilarious, well written striking the right balance between comedy and human passion. The opera consist of five characters- Norina,Ernesto,Dr.Malasta, Don Pasquale and conductor. Each character has their own identity and well placed in the play. Wealthy, stubborn, old Don Pasquale's character is written with blend of comedy and jealousy. It reflects his desperateness to get married and deceive his nephew Ernesto. There are lots of tricks in the play which are really entertaing.

The story of Don Pasquale is very exiting and entertaining story revolves round the elderly bachelor Don Pasquale, an miser desperate to get married. He stands as barrier between his nephew Ernesto's love with the young widow Norina. He also planned to cut him off from his inheritance and to produce his own heir. He feels jealous of the innocent and charming Norina. Pasquale arranges a more suitable match to Ernesto but he refuses to get married. Twist to the story is added by Dr Malatesta .Pasquale brings doctor's sister as his young bride but it turns to be a nightmare.
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His new bride is none other than Norina, ready to teach Don Pasquale a lesson. So, Pasquale much awaited marriage turns out to be joke. He get the lesson of his life.

Don Pasquale is a delightful family entertainment. It is perfect apatite for the opera lovers. The melodies of this opera is incomparable. It is still inspirational to many music composers and used as teaching tool of opera. It is staged by famous opera production houses. So please come and enjoy the one of the liveliest opera baffa. Don Pasquale can make you laugh and entertain you. So get your online tickets soon. Get the experience of real comedy and make happy your entire family. We can get your online tickets fast and easily.
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