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Chuck Brown is a singer/songwriter from Washington DC. He has been a recognized figure on the city's go-go scene since the late '70s. His band Brown & the Soul Searchers have become a nationally acclaimed go-go act in a very short time period.

The Soul Searchers are constituted by trombonist/keyboardist John "JB" Buchanan, Donald Tillery (Trumpet), Leroy Fleming (Saxophone, Flute), Jerry Wilder (bass), Gregory Gerran (percussion), Curtis Johnson (Organ), Skip Fennell (keyboard), Ricardo Wellman (drums) and LeRon Young (Guitar).
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They rocketed to fame with their top R&B single "Busting Loose." The single stayed at the top of the R&B charts for four consecutive weeks at the end of 1978. The unique arrangement, the captivating and crisp vocals made it hugely popular. It also made the band overnight celebrities.

But the could not be consistent with their output and their next release "Follow-Up" was a big let down. They were back to square one . They had another brief moment in the spotlight when their single " We Need Some Money (Bout Money)" scaled to number 26 on the charts. Although the Soul Searchers never made it to the big league, Chuck Brown active and kept performing. He came back in 1991 with "'90s Goin' Hard for Goff." Experience the soulful melodies of Chuck Brown, get the tickets to his concert, contact your on-line ticket vendor at the earliest.


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