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Bad Dates is a one woman comedy play. It takes a hilarious look at life of a single American mother who tries to reclaim her life by going on a series of dates that turn out to be not so good. The character is known by the name of Haley Walker. Haley is struggling to raise her daughter, runs a famous restaurant and goes back on dating in the present-day Manhattan. Watching Bad Dates will definitely a have a wonderful time. You don't have to worry for the tickets as they are easily available with us at very attractive prices.

Haley Walker is shown as a divorcee owning 600 pairs of shoes. She dumps her husband and former life in Texas before moving to New York and began working in a restaurant. But the restaurant is used for money laundering by a Romanian mob. After the mob is busted by Feds, the restaurant loses its manager. With Haley being the only competent employee left in the work force, she is made the new manager.

The restaurant soon becomes very successful and famous and gets rave in the Times. Haley then thinks that she has devoted enough time to her daughter and career and should start dating again.
The play starts with the dressing room of Haley. She is getting ready for her first date and interacts with the audience about her life and what she expects for the evening. She tries on many clothes scattering them and choosing shoes from her 600 pairs. Finally Haley is ready and goes out on date. She discusses her previous dates with the audience. But most of her dates are failures. Just as Haley found the man of her dreams the Romanian mob again comes back and Haley's life go haywire.

Bad Dates is not the most intellectual shows but is extremely funny and hilarious. Before the the events turn sinister Haley has already made a place in the hearts and mind of audience and won their sympathy. She remains
benevolent in spite of the Feds and blind dates.

The set is a standard female bedroom with clothes and shoes scattered everywhere. Haley's clothes are carefully chosen. The lighting is soft and atmospheric. Haley's shoes are fabulous and owns number of designer shoes like Chanel, Blahnik and Jimmy Choo. Although audience will find that most of the men she dated didn't deserve such beautiful shoes.
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Bad Dates is cannot be said as a contemporary play with lot of poetic language. But it is a guilty pleasure kind of a play. Playwright Theresa Rebeck reflects on jobs, fashions, relationships and dating
by using genuinely captivating speech.

One can say that Bad Dates has been heavily influenced by popular television series Sex and City. Bad Dates consists of similar story as used in the series like the jokes , when Haley feels happy buying pair of Jimmy Choos shoes and when she dates a guy who turns out to be a gay.

However there is something depressing about Bad Dates. As being single is a city like New York always sounds depressing. A somber white noise which becomes more intense in the happy parts. But Haley Walker has won everyones heart in the end. She is far more realistic than the characters in the Sex and City.

Bad Dates has always been a very entertaining and a fun play to watch. Have a great time by watching this fun loving play. For tickets contact us through phone or visit our website. Tickets will be delivered at your home.

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