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The Wrens are very well known as one of the very best bands with not so lucky background. This band is a New Jersey based band; The Wrens earned reasonable success and fame in establishing themselves as one of the catchiest, cool, thoughtful and superb sizzling Indie rock groups of the ‘90s. This talented band remained somewhat unfortunate as far as their all labels are concerned. This superb band was once dramatically prevented to issue their next album for the slump period of next seven years because of a mistake that was committed unknowingly. The band comprises -- guitarist Greg Whelan, guitarist and vocalist Charles Bissell, drummer Jerry MacDonnell and, bassist and vocalist Kevin Whelan. This hugely talented band was eventually formed in the late '80s; but because of some internal problems, the band members went through various names before settling on the already taken name. The band recorded a 7" under its name in 1993. Soon the band members heard about the other band, which was having the same name. This was shocking news for the band and they were forced to change their name and ultimately settled at the Wrens. The band released their hugely anticipated debut album "Silver" in 1994. This was a very good blend of dream pop that was inspired from the many bands like: Chapterhouse and My Bloody Valentine. There debut album was very well taken by the music lovers and also earned many encouraging reviews. The band issued their second album "Secaucus" in 1996; this album did fairly well and also earn them a fervent following. This success embarked a very good tour of band and their live concerts were causing stir among the crowd with a reasonable demand for tickets.
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The band released their next well recorded album "the Abbott 1135 EP for Ten 23" in 1997; this was recorded under the famous label of A&R. The band consistently continued their thorough recordings and eventually appeared on a famous sampler for a label in 1999, but ultimately their glorious plans couldn't work out; and as the millennium turned, "The Wrens" continued to record consistently. They released their next album "Meadowlands" in 2002. This very hard working and talented band couldn't release many albums, one after another; but their soothing and sensational music has always been enjoyed by their ardent music lovers. If, you want to witness their live performance don't forget to collect your tickets from an on-line ticket vendor to avoid the unavailability of the tickets.

Silver (1994)
Secaucus (1996)
Abbott 1135 (1997)
EP Split w/Five Mod Four (2002)
The Meadowlands (2003)
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