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The Whispers are a hugely popular veteran R&B quintet with a remarkable musical legacy of 23-years of some all time great R&B hits. The Whispers was eventually formed in Los Angeles. It was the superb idea of two passionate music lover twin brothers Wallace and Walter Scott behind the incredible making of The Whispers. This superb band comprises Wallace and Walter Scott, Nicholas Caldwell, Marcus Hutson, and Gordy Harmon. After some time Gordy left the band in 1973. The Whispers hit the music stores under the support of Dore label in 1964. There first sizzling album "I Was Born When You Kissed Me" was very well acclaimed by the music lovers. Their first huge hit came in 1969, when the band climbed the soul music charts with their hit number "The Time Has come". After this superb hit the band diligently continued their musical journey with some tremendous tracks and kept on causing the well accepted stir among the music lovers with many memorable and incredible hits. After these hits the band members were well known among the music lovers and their music was very well accepted by their huge fan base. Their ardent fans love to see their live performances. One can see a huge crowd pouring in, whenever "The Whispers" perform live.
This band has given many memorable and cool hits like "Seems like I Gotta Do Wrong." The Whispers remained undisputed hit makers ever since their first major hit and they have already recorded for many well known labels like: Janus, Soul Train, and Solar with smashes. The Whispers continued their thrilling magic in the music world with some soothing tracks as the band gave another huge chart-topper "And the Beat Goes On" in 1980. After this the band went through a bit slump on the hit music charts. In the mid of 1987, the band hit the music charts with another amazing urban contemporary hit, "Rock Steady." The band went through a sudden change as the twin lead vocalists of the "The Whispers" took some time off in 1993; just to pursue their solo careers. The twins continued their journey as solo; but they remained with The Whispers. This amazing band has a very vibrant and rich musical legacy of many years. The band has numerous hits behind their name. If you are planning to enjoy their music; just make sure you collect the tickets from your online ticket vendor to avoid the huge rush for tickets.

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