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The Waifs is an Australia based band which includes the sister pair of Vicky and Donna Simpson as its band members. They were initially known as COLOURS. However, the band was formed in the year of 1992 and while they were on a tour back in their homeland they met with Josh Cunningham who was added in their group later on, increasing the number of members as three. It was after an year that the group intended to change their name as Waifs.

This was the time when the trio went on to prove big in front of the world. They released their cassette but that very year they had to travel to Melbourne, which is well known as the Mecca of Australian music. After this the band released three consecutive albums such as their self-titled debut which was released in the year of 1996 in May, followed by "Shelter Me" which was released in the year of 1998. The band is known for their soft music which has gained an overwhelming response from across the world. The music which they produce is self-described as "wholemeal" music by them.
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Amongst other popular artists, Kasey Chambers and Michell Shocked are some of them with whom they have planned several tours. The band has a strong fan base in the country as well as abroad. The Folk Festivals of United States and Canada are the main attraction where the trio spreads magic of their unique rhythms into the crowd. "Sink or Swim" is the third album which was released by them in the year of 2001. However, its official release in America was done only in the consecutive year. Other follow-up album was "Up All Night" which was released in the spring of 2003.

If you want to hear the enchanting rhythms of this band, then all you have to do is contact your ticket vendor online and buy their concert tickets to watch them performing live.

A Brief History... (2005)
Shelter Me (1998)
Sink Or Swim (2002)
Up All Night (2003)
Waifs (1996)
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