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The Vines is one such band which emerged as one of the most influential bands in the music industry. The band took it's shape in the year of 2001. However, their popularity grew so much that they were compared with the yet another popular band named as Nirvana. The kind of music they played resembled like that of Hives, Haven , and Doves. Band members consisted of Craig Nicholas as vocalist/guitarist, Patrick Matthews as bassist/vocalist, and drummer David Oliffe. All of them had a strong bonding with each other and rocked the audience with their performances.

The band was originally founded in the late '90s, in Sydney, Australia. The Vines met at the time they were in high school while doing part-time job at the a nearby McDonalds. It was Nicholls who kept the band's name as vines. This was because his own father used to perform in the '60s band with the similar name. The group released their debut single "Factory" which became a sensational hit and brought them a tremendous fame.
With this the band eventually signed a contract with Heavenly Records in the U.K. Eventually the group decided to shift to Los Angeles to work with the famous producer Rob Schnapf who was behind the success of famous bands such as (Foo Fighters, Beck, Elliot Smith). It was during this time that 90-second's "Highly Evolved" was written.
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The Vines made several tours all around U.K which they continued to make till spring. During this time the band included another member in the named as guitarist Ryan Griffiths in replacement of Oliffe who never enjoyed the touring life. However, the Vines made their first debut at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival in Indio, CA, in April of that year. "Highly Evolved" which was the band's full-length debut was released in the year of 2002, July. The band has given mind blowing stage performances all over the world. So contact your ticket vendor online and buy the concert tickets to watch them performing live.

Highly Evolved (2002)
Vision Valley (2006)
Winning Days (2004)
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