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TEN is the popular British melodic rock/hard rock band, which has rocked not only England but also the US. Initially the band had found it difficult to break into the US and British music market but their perseverance paid off.
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Mar 25 Sat 8:00 PM The Ten Band - A Tribute to Pearl Jam Rams Head Live
Baltimore, MD
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TEN was stared in 1995 by the popular vocalist Gary Hughes and guitarist Vinny Burns. The duo roped in Aziz Ibrihim and bassist Shelley and drummer Geoff Morgan to complete the line up. The self-titled debut album ‘TEN' released in 1996 became an instant hit in Japan. The album garnered a huge dedicated fan following for the band in Japan. The sophomore effort 'In The Name Of The Rose' was released towards the end of the same year that again became a hit in Japan. The band once again headlined the ‘Now And Then's 'Gods' show in 1997 after the release of their yet another album 'The Robe'. TEN's fan following in Japan increased with the release of each album and eventually it signed a recording deal with Mercury Records. In 1999 the band came out with the album 'Spellbound' which was produced by Rafe McKenna. However, in spite of the success Ryland quit the band to start his own outfit.

TEN once again entered the studio to record their album 'Far Beyond The World', after the release of the album the band hit the road in support of the same. However, just before the support tour guitarist Vinny Burns quit the band and was replaced by Chris Francis. TEN released yet another album 'Return To Evermore', in 2004 on its own Intensity label.

To commemorate the band's 10th anniversary, a two-disc album ‘The Essential Collection' was released in January 2006. In 2006 the band played the Atarfe Vega Rock Festival in Spain along with acts like WASP, Twisted Sister and Stryper. The band's performance was a huge success and the fans were left wanting for more.

In 2006 the band again came out with yet another album ‘The Twilight Chronicles' which had a beautiful confluence of rock and ballads with a strong atmospheric mood and lyrics that tell tales of love, lust, death, glory, revenge and darkness.

Band Members:

  • Gary Hughes – Vocals, Backing Vocals, Programming

  • Chris Francis – Guitars, Bass

  • John Halliwell – Guitars

  • Paul Hodson – Keyboards, Programming


  • Studio albums and EP's

  • Ten (1996)

  • The Name of the Rose (1996)

  • The Name of the Rose EP (1996)

  • The Robe (1997)

  • The Robe EP (1997)

  • You're In My Heart EP (1997)

  • Spellbound (1999)

  • Fear the Force EP (1999)

  • Babylon (2000)

  • Far Beyond the World (2001)

  • Return to Evermore 2004)

  • The Essential Collection 1995-2005 (2005)

  • The Twilight Chronicles (2006)