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This dazzling band "The Starting line" is a Pennsylvanian based band; they are also known as punk-poppers. The group originally came together in the midst of 1999 with a very good version of 2.0 of the famous old "vocalist wanted" flyer that was unknowingly hanging at the small local record store. In the beginning guitarist, Matt Watts had been consistently playing with a few local bands during his musical teenage years. During one of these local shows he got a very good chance to see Ken Vasoli's well known AOL profile; this was like a very good surprise for him and he heartily invited him to Jam. Eventually, Vasoli was taken and firmly installed as the singer and bassist in the brand new band of Matt. After this the others followed; after some time they got drummer Tom Gryskiewicz and guitarist Mike Golla. In the beginning, they named the band as "Sunday Drive". After this the band members continued their practice and during their high school days, the received some cracking lining up shows. Such shows were very encouraging for the band and they recorded their demos. This was a quite good start for the band and they were quite happy with their reasonable well progress and then they aggressively marketed everything with the very good and handful aid of buddy old pal AOL; after some time they got listings on The starting Line enjoyed a very good and passionate fan base. Their ardent fans love to see them performing live and this easily makes the tickets go dry.
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After this, the band came up with their next huge effort "Cali indie- we the People;" and eventually got noticed by some known people from the vast music industry. This proved as a very good nurturing ground for the band eventually they really impressed some people from the music industry with their sizzling punk-pop powerhouse Drive thru. The well known music directors saw an excellent opportunity in the bright and passionate fresh faces of the band and their soothing and accessible melodies. The band members enjoyed the tremendous success in 2000, with their certain gigs and they came up with new name "The Starting Line." The sizzling band released their brand new album "With Hopes of Starting Over" with their new name and this album was rated as a huge hit by many local music channels. After this the band embarked on a special tour to promote their album. Their sizzling numbers like "Best of Me" did extremely well and got some very good ratings at the famous rating chart of MTV2. The band released their next hugely anticipated album "Based on a True Story," in 2005. Their music is a combination of their own punk style with a very good mixture of rock. So, if you want to witness their live performances, just collect your tickets from an online ticket vendor and be there.

Based on a True Story
The Make Yourself at Home EP
Say It Like You Mean It
With Hopes of Starting Over
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