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The Shins were supposed to be back much sooner after leaving Sub Pop Records. So sure it took five years, but the Shins have a couple new band members, a new label, and a new album. In celebration of one of indie rock's most recognizable band's return to the big stage, Shin tickets are here again for the Port of Morrow Tour.

James Mercer has returned from his dalliance with Danger Mouse known as Broken Bells. He joined Yuuki Matthews, Jessica Dobson, Joe Plummer, and Richard Swift in the recording studio to create the Port of Morrow. The album drops on March 20, 2012, though the single "Simple Song" has already been released. This is this first album with the new label, Columbia Records. The tour has already begun, taking the group through a June 10th appearance at Bonnaroo. In between now and then this newly reconvened will tour Europe and the United States via headlining and music festival dates.

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The Shins came out of an unlikely music scene, Albuquerque, NM. There James Mercer had been performing as the lead singer and guitarist for the group Flake Music. When Flake came to an end he began writing music with the inclination toward a new sound, definitely indie oriented and atmospheric. He paired with drummer Jesse Sandoval to put on a few local shows. To Mercer's surprise the response was overwhelmingly positive and most definitely trans-urban. Soon he filled out the group and recorded the debut album, Oh, Inverted World.

Songs like New Slang garnered the interest of bands like Modest Mouse who were excited to have them on tour and celebrities like Zach Braff, who used music for his breakthrough in movies as well as for his hit television show Scrubs. The Shins continued with Sub Pop Records, releasing two more albums. Chutes Too Narrow and Wincing the Night Away both making deep impressions on the Billboard charts. Following Wincing, the Shins took a break. James Mercer and company dabbled in side projects, making an impression with Danger Mouse as Broken Bells.

The Shins eventually reconvened, albeit with a few new band members and signed with a new label, Columbia Records. Their first album with that new label is Port of Morrow and it released in 2012. So far they have added "Simple Song" to the collection of hits that include "Phantom Limb" and "New Slang". OnlineSeats has the Shins ticket to enjoy this indie rock group in person.

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