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With their relaxed, slightly jazzy pop, the Samples were one of the most popular touring bands of the early '90s. After a bad experience with a major label, the band began releasing their own records independently, building support through a grassroots network of fans. Through constant touring, the Samples were able to keep building their network of fans. They were also busy in the studio, recording three albums between 1992 and 1993. With none of their albums deviating from their folky, Sting-meets-the Grateful Dead pop, their albums — which include 1994's Autopilot, 1996's Outpost, and 1997's Transmissions From the Sea of Tranquility live set — are virtually indistinguishable from each other. However, none of them are bad; each record has a couple of first-rate songs, showing why they are concert favorites across the country. Here and Somewhere Else followed in 1998 and Sparta was issued in fall 2000.

Lead singer-songwriter Sean Kelly had a degree in nothing, only odd construction and painting jobs to fall back on, but as he says now, "What else was I supposed to do?" Instead of sending out resumes, he wrote many heartfelt songs about ongoing reflections of love and celebration, — The irony of human grief and hope, "Feel Us Shaking". Kelly kept on writing and shuffled the lineup, and in one of those moments that make up for all the Rock Brain children in the world.
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The Samples stumbled onto a sound of its own. The Last Drag, the 1993 reanimation of The Samples, was a brilliantly minimalist rock album about love (or the lack of it). It was hardened but not ironic, tense but not jagged, smart but not so smart that Kelly couldn't sing, "Every Time!" to get his point across. The songs were about small things—girlfriends, Marilyn Monroe and little silver rings—but they contained a multitude of emotions, and the music was so melodic that listeners were reminded just how great rock could be.

CD titles and songwriting that make up The Samples musical journey are as emotional and pure as the first Colorado snow. Titles such as The Samples self the titled Blue CD, Underwater People, The Last Drag, Autopilot, No Room, Here and Somewhere Else, Outpost, The Tan Mule, Light House Rocket, Transmissions from the Sea of Tranquility, Sparta, Landing On The Sidewalk, Return To Earth, Anthology In Motion, Seventeen (CD and DVD) and the most recent Black and White, unpretentiously captivate the listener.

Return to Earth appeared in 2001, and this studio effort included a guest spot from Boyd Tinsley of the Dave Matthews Band on the track "Great Blue Ocean."
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