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The Raveonettes met in Copenhagen where the immediately hit the recording studio to start recording Whip It On. The group did all their own work within the studio and finalized their project. Soon after, the group added Manoj Rambad and jazz drummer Jakob Hoyer. The started having shows at the SPOT festival in Aarhus and then moved on to make Lust Lust Lust in 2007.

The band was later discovered by Rolling Stone at their festivals performance as the group entered a strong touring situation. Whip It On was named the Best Rock Album of the Year at the Danish Music Awards in 2003, being labeled as the Next Wave of contemporary music. Sharin was labeled as Rock's hottest woman of 2006.

The first full length album, Chain Gang of Love contained a unique sound that was mostly written by Sune Rose Wagner. The album was found in the Kmart ad and featured in some of the commercials.

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The band continued with another album, Pretty in Black, which contained vocals from Ronnie Spector of The Ronettes as well as guest instrumentals from both Maureen Tucker and Martin Rev. This album also contained another bassist, Anders Christensen, who also toured with the band.

Love in a Trashcan had a video single created, being advertised on both youtube and myspace for their fans to see. The video was similar to a 1960's cosmetic ad. Lust Lust Lust was released in 2007 in Europe and 2008 for the US. The album generated positive reviews. Finally, in late 2008, Sune released a solo album, titled Sune Rose Wagner. All the songs are in Danish.

The group's fourth album, In and Out of Control was released in late 2008, with Last Dance and Suicide hitting the charts as the group's newest song. Catch the Raveonettes tickets on their concert tour across Europe and the United States!

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