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The Radiators, also known by the popular moniker 'The New Orleans Radiators', are a rock band from New Orleans, Louisiana. The band rocks their fans with bouncy and funky variety of swamp-rock, which they call fish-head music. In spite of the limited commercial success, the band from a party town, with their passionate live performances, danceable beats and persistent touring have earned a devoted following and the admiration of many of their peers.
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In January 1978, Volker, Camile Baudoin, Frank Bua, Dave Malone and Reggie Scanlan jammed together in Volker's garage after which they decided to form The Radiators. All the members of the band were already-established musicians in New Orleans, so the band without much difficulty found work in the city's bars and clubs, including a weekly Wednesday night show at Luigi's 'Pizza Parlor' on Elysian Fields.

Their high-energy style of rock-and-roll within no time garnered them fans among the locals, mainly amid the students at Tulane University. After a few years of formation, the band came out with their live album 'Work Done on Premises' on their own Croaker label. The follow up, full-length album 'Heat Generation' released in 1981 mainly had tried-and-tested material from their live shows, rather than new compositions created for the album. Volker composed all the songs for the album except the very short title track, which was attributed to the whole band. Both the albums did not create any massive ripples in the music world but they did help cement the band's reputation, in the city of New Orleans. After the lukewarm response to their albums, the band turned their focus back to what they did best: performing live. They played substantial, marathon-length concerts with a stress on funky dance beats amalgamated with fiery rock licks, which further enhanced their popularity. It was around this period that The Radiators started playing at the M.O.M.'s Ball, an infamous, private masquerade and concert held in New Orleans each year before Mardi Gras.

The band's escalating reputation, combined with winning a battle of the bands sponsored by Epic, attracted the attention of many big labels. In 1987 the Radiators signed a recording deal with Epic Records and released their major album debut 'Law of the Fish'. The follow up album 'Zig-Zaggin' Through Ghostland' released in 1989 too did quite well and peaked at #122 on Billboard. The band's third effort 'Total Evaporation' failed to chart after which the label and the band parted ways. The band continues to tour and enthrall their fans with their live performances as well as release albums.


  • Work Done on Premises '(Croaker, 1980)

  • Heat Generation (Croaker, 1981)

  • Law of the Fish (Epic], 1987)

  • Zig-Zaggin' Through Ghostland (Epic, 1989)

  • Total Evaporation (Epic, 1990)

  • Snafu 10-31-'91 (Croaker, 1992)

  • Bucket of Fish (Croaker, 1994)

  • New Dark Ages (WAR?, 1995)

  • Live at the Great American Music Hall (Popmafia, 1998)

  • The Radiators (Rattlesby, 2001)

  • Earth vs. The Radiators: the First 25 (Image Entertainment, 2004)

  • Dreaming Out Loud (SCI Fidelity, 2006)

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