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The Polyphonic Spree is a pop band which emerged from the 1960s sense of the word. Based in Dallas, this band comprise of nearly two dozen members which complete its line-up. All dressed up in white robes, sing some of the magnificent pop songs that carry a message along with it. The songs are so overwhelming that you just cannot afford to miss even one.

The group has traveled across the world extensively giving refreshing performances onstage and hence has attained tremendous fan base. The band is somehow compared with yet another popular bands such as Flaming Lips and the Beach Boys mixed with traits of Gospell-like attitude. However, this unique band was formed by Tim DeLaughter, leader of Tripping Daisy till the year 1999. But eventually Tripping Daisy could not sustain its existence and eventually DeLaughter along with the existing members formed another band named as the polyphonic spree. Soon the band added more members to their group coming to a number of nearly twenty members.

This huge band recorded their demo tape which titled "The Beginning Stages of...The Polyphonic Spree" They put together a demo titled "The Beginning Stages of...The Polyphonic Spree" and made all their fans listen to the tape. It was after this that the band got recognized and this tape was released in the form of an album by the Dallas based indie label named as Good Records. To divide the group in various parts we would come to know that there is a choir which has ten members, there is a pair of keyboardist, followed by a percussionist, a bassist, guitarist , flautist,trumpeter, trombonist, violist, a French horn player, a theremin player , and last but not the least an electronic effects wizard.
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DeLaughter is the lead vocalist and also the director of the group. They have also performed at 2003's Reading Festival. Their song "Follow the Day" was featured in Volkswagon commercials and also on the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind soundtrack.

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Beginning Stages Of...The Polyphonic Spree (2002)
Together We're Heavy (2004)
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