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The Platters were the most triumphant vocal group of the early rock and roll era. Their unique sound was a connection between the pre-rock Tin Pan Alley tradition, and the rapidly increasing new genre. The group saw many members come and go however, the most successful embodiment comprised of lead tenor Tony Williams, David Lynch, Paul Robi, Herb Reed, and Zola Taylor.
The Platters was started in 1953 and in the beginning was managed by Ralph Bass. At that point of time the group had signed a contract with Federal Records however, success had not come calling. Things changed for the better after music entrepreneur and songwriter Buck Ram started managing the group. He made some lineup changes; he added lead vocalist Tony Williams and female vocalist Zola Taylor to solidify the group. Under Ram's leadership, the Platters recorded seven singles for Federal in the R&B/gospel style, out of which a few became moderate regional hits on the West Coast. Even though the group did not produce any chart busters, they were a profitable touring group and seeing their success The Penguins asked Ram to manage them as well. Ram then struck a 2-for-1 deal with Mercury records.

After signing with Mercury records, the group re-recorded the song 'Only You' and released it in 1955. The song went on to become the group's first Top Ten hit on the pop charts, and peaked the R&B charts for seven weeks. The follow -up 'The Great Pretender' did even better than its predecessor, it became the Platters' first national #1 hit. Soon the group churned out, hits after hit and the re-recorded version of old songs like My Prayer, Twilight Time, Harbor Lights, To Each His Own, If I Didn't Care and Jerome Kern's Smoke Gets In Your Eyes too became hits. The Platters are credited with being the first rock and roll group to have a Top Ten album in America.

Williams quit the group in1961 to embark on a solo career and by the decades end; the group had disbanded with different members starting up their own version of the Platters. As of now it is estimated that there are 125 sanctioned versions of 'the original Platters'.
The Platters were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, in 1990 and later into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame, in 1998 the year it was initiated.

Selected Discography

  • Only You- 1955

  • The Magic Touch- 1956

  • You'll Never Never Know- 1956

  • One in a Million- 1956

  • I'm Sorry- 1957

  • Helpless- 1957

  • Smoke Gets in Your Eyes- 1958

  • Wish It Were Me- 1959